Experiencing Peace in Prosperity

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“The most important thing we can do to restore peace in these turbulent times is to be peaceful within ourselves in thought, word and deed.” Aquarian Wisdom Calendar 2006

When you think about it, each and every spiritual activity is geared towards the same thing. Whether the activity is pranayam, prayer, meditation, yoga or a spiritually-oriented event– being present, being here now, being you within you is what it is all about. And why? Because being present is the way to experience Oneness, Suchness, Shuniya, peace.

There cannot be peace in any part of our lives, until we know peace inside. When we care for ourselves, when we are fulfilled, and when we accept that happiness is our birthright, that is when we begin to move through the fourth chakra. Far away from the fear, insecurity and power issues of the first three chakras, moving through the fourth chakra is where love becomes love for the sake of love, and where compassion and service really stem from. We become genuine, the foundation of inner peace.

Peace is an important factor in every facet of our lives. To be present, to be at ease, to be peaceful, allows things to flow; and prosperity, like all things, needs to flow. It needs a way to come in, a way to go out. If you have a business, but you have no way for money to come in, how can you become prosperous with your business? If our thoughts block prosperity, how can it come into our lives? And, like the ripples of a pond when a stone is plunked in it, peace ripples throughout our lives. It expands from our body to our auric fields, then to our physical world, to those we live with or work with, and so on. When the ripples of many individuals come together, peace is felt in waves across the planet.

The spiritual practice of tithing is an important part of every spiritual discipline because it creates the space for prosperity to flow. We give, it creates a vacuum, prosperity flows to us; we give again, it creates a vacuum, more prosperity flows to us. Coming into Oneness with giving and receiving is important because it creates a very peaceful flow for prosperity in our lives.

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