FAMIL USA: Assisting Afghan Allies and Their Families in the U.S.

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FAMIL is dedicated to assisting Afghan allies and their families in the United States.

They provide comprehensive support, mentoring, and sponsorship to newly-arrived Afghan families across the United States.

Their vision is for displaced Afghan families to rebuild their lives, pursue their dreams, and become contributing members of their new communities in the United States.

FAMIL was established by a small group of private American citizens in the DMV (D.C., Maryland and Virginia), including former employees of the U.S. Military and U.S. Government with over 20 years of experience in Afghanistan.

Their team has deep cultural expertise and includes volunteers with common language, culture, and background as the families they support. Their client relations specialists are committed to working directly with these families to provide donations to those in need.

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The Current Situation

Since 9/11, our Afghan allies took a tremendous leap of faith by dedicating their lives to supporting the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. These allies formed lifelong allegiances with the U.S. and risked their lives to protect others. As a result, they became the targets of violence from America’s adversaries.

In the wake of the U.S. withdrawal, thousands of our Afghan allies and their families were evacuated from Afghanistan and relocated to the United States to escape the threat of violence in Afghanistan. Many of these individuals are facing significant loss after leaving behind their loved ones, their homes, and all of their belongings due to the urgency with which they were evacuated.

As these Afghan families rebuild their lives in the United States, we must help set them up for success. We are indebted to them for supporting the U.S. mission and protecting American lives for two decades. They helped us and we need to help them.


How You Can Help

Your monetary donation to FAMIL helps provide food, transportation, personal supplies, household goods, educational supplies, emotional support, and other types of recovery assistance to families in need. They also gladly accept gifts-in-kind, which can be purchased and shipped directly through Amazon.

If you are interested in mentoring a family through the resettlement process, please contact FAMIL via email (support@familusa.org).

If you are interested in sponsoring a family with financial assistance, please contact FAMIL via email (support@familusa.org).

If you are interested in volunteering your time to FAMIL, please contact FAMIL via email (support@familusa.org). 

Raj Khalsa Gurdwara in Sterling, Virginia is supporting these efforts through clothing drives being organized by the Sangat, to assist Afghan refugees arriving and settling in the Virginia area.

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  1. I could help, am finishing a 3 story 6 bedroom/ house in Southern Colorado, agricultural and coal mining, 81082 719-845-7976 10+ person

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