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Hunger is a common suffering for many people around the world, on every continent.  To be a Sikh is to serve the needy, wherever and whoever they may be.  Abhaidev Kaur Khalsa of Sikh Dharma International understands this deep in her heart and has reached out to the needy people of her home in South America. She serves about 50,000 home-cooked meals each year to vulnerable people in Santiago, Chile. In 2019, Abhaidev Kaur founded the Amar Das Foundation whose main aim is to bring healthy and nutritious food to food-insecure communities. In this time of pandemic, the Amar Das Foundation continues to serve even more food, made with love and care, to those who need it most.

The Fundación Social Amar Das is presently working on five development programs:

  •   Food for the needy by serving healthy and nutritious food that has been made with love.
  •   Improving life quality and health by offering and openly sharing tools that provide well-being, such as coaching, meditation, and sound therapy.
  •   Celebrating special dates together with vulnerable communities, such as Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, and other occasions.
  •   Providing food to the elderly, brought directly to their homes to protect them from exposure during the pandemic.

Abhaidev Kaur Khalsa, Founder and Director of Amar Das Foundation said, “We consider service a great blessing, being a ‘Means of the Creator’s Hands’ honors our existence.  Being empathetic and caring is within the Sikh values, which we hold dear. Service is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us as human beings on this planet earth, and it is the path to be followed by every Sikh.  It is very simple – if you love, you give.”

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Fundación Social Amar Das is associated with the Seva Corp initiative of 3HO International.

About Seva Corps: Our mission is to engage the communities worldwide in the sacred duty of selfless service, cultivating a clear presence and network of communities and sharing what is already happening.

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