Langar in Peru during the Pandemic

The Covid pandemic has caused pain and suffering in nearly every country of the world.  Fragile communities who are food-insecure in the best of times are experiencing critical hardship. Peru has suffered like any other.

Krishan Shiva Singh, a sevadar in South America, has initiated a langar seva project in Peru, which provides food and supplies to various vulnerable communities in and around the capital city of Lima.  Like many cities when the pandemic first hit, domestic workers found themselves without work and soon without homes.  Thousands of people left the capital city on foot, walking hundreds of miles to return to their villages.  Poverty, hunger, and suffering descended like night on these people, and they rely on the generosity of others to survive.

Krishan Shiva Singh said, “In Peru the employment level has gone down to 42%, which has triggered great uncertainty and an unprecedented social and labor crisis. “Langar Peru” is a seva project that supports various vulnerable communities in Lima, serving cooked food as well as basic supplies to prepare food at home.  This service during the pandemic is very needed, as it continues to bring food to many people at this time of crisis.”

It has been a big challenge to provide food, taking all preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virus.  Krishan Shiva Singh explains, “We are careful to disinfect all items and wear masks. Sometimes I worry about not having enough food to serve the next day and I think that we may have to stop the langar. But then suddenly, generosity comes from an unexpected corner and we are covered for the next couple of weeks!  That is the Guru’s Hand providing – when you serve people with an open heart.”


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  1. Bikram jeet Singh says:

    Every Sikh Settled in Abroad Should come forward to give all possible Help to People where he is residing as as good humanbeing & as per the Teaching of Gurunank Dev Jee Without Any Discrimination to everyone who is in trouble this is main spirit of Sikh Religion.

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