Gur Prasaad – Part 8 of the Mool Mantra


Gur Prasaad

This understanding
Shall come to you
As a sweet blessing,
As a gift,
Through the Guru

….”You want to be great, but you do not know that greatness is that One exclusiveness.  You all want to compete.  What is hard in competition?  Compete.  Eliminate everybody.  In the end, you’ll become One.  Then you do not know how to handle it.  You miss the handle of that Oneness.

Oneness has a state of consciousness.  What is that state of consciousness?  Guru describes it: Sat Nam, Kartaa Purkh.  True becomes your identity, and Kartaa purkh—you become a being who does all.  Nirbhao Nirvair—you become fearless and revengeless.  Revenge is only when somebody else is in competition.  When you have gone above competition, and eliminat4ed everybody, you have reached the state of exclusiveness, then there’s no vengeance.

Akaal moorat—then you become the very picture of God, the very image of God.  Ajoonee, SaibhungAjoonee—then you don’t come and go, you become by yourself.  Saibhung—by your own creativity, totality.  Saibhung means your own creative totality.  Saibhung means you can become a total being.

How can this be achieved?  Gurprasaad—with the Guru’s blessing.  That’s exclusive.  Touch of the teacher, they call it.  There’s nothing more precious on this planet than the touch of the teacher.  Guru waahinaa,narak naa jaae—One who doesn’t have a teacher cannot even go to hell.  Je so chandaa ogaveh sooraj chareh hazaar.  Ete chaana hodiaa(n) gur bin gor andhaar—there may be hundreds and thousands of moons and millions of suns, with all that light, without the Guru, there is darkness—Guru Angad Dev Ji.  Because in that exclusive Oneness, the loneliness, the One within you is awakened and within you is that infinite teacher that’s called “the soul.”

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