Let Your Ego Go

 Excerpt from a lecture by Siri Singh Sahib Ji on November 23, 2003
… “The Divinity in its infinity has created a human machine so complicated and so sophisticated that it is beyond imagination. In spite of the fact that now we have all kinds of machines and we are checking the human inside and out, still we are unable to find the total reality. The problem is that we do not have the sensitivity to know who we are. We have all the sensitivity to know who others are and what is going on. But somewhere it is necessary for us to our own mind to absolutely, totally relax our own minds so that we can deal with people.
For one minute think of the fact: God has made all. Or you can think that you have the right to check and do everything yourself. Your checking is a waste of your energy, your age, your privilege, your beauty, your youth. All that. If you don’t do it, then you have the freedom for relaxation, for peaceful growth, and your cells can rejuvenate themselves. That is what Guru Nanak said: Don’t interfere and get into trouble for nothing. You have been made to live; your destiny pre-written in detail, and later on you were given the body.
So sometimes we do not understand why we are suffering. Suffering, why not? It is a part of life. Suffering is a part of life. Loyalty is a part of life. Sacrifice is a part of life. Egolessness is a divine part of life.
When you waste your energy, the fact of it is, you become smaller and smaller in your thinking and ultimately you become so small, you cannot think of the Universe. And when you do not think of the Universe, you do not think of the Creator of the Universe. This Universe into which you were born is like a university of life from which you have to graduate. You have to grow to become something. Just as when you are born, you grow. You have to start today and get going. Live, live well. Live with a smile. All will come to you because God cannot abandon what He has created just as you cannot abandon what you have created. You cannot let your ego go. God cannot let you go—though you do not recognize and are not factual about it.
 When you think too much, you become full of thoughts, then you worry. And when you worry, you squeeze, you contract. Your joy is gone. Your happiness is over. Your money is of no worth. Your home is of no use. Your children do not even look at you. All this you create and then you blame others. Let your ego go.
May Guru bless us in peace, tranquility, and prosperity so we can be bountiful, beautiful, and happy and always think of God in us as Ang Sung Wahe Guru.”

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