Gurdwara Lecture on Guru Amar Das & Langar

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Gurdwara Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan
You have heard bhakti, bhakti means devotion, prayer and meditation and Shakti means power, self-control, discipline, elevation and everything in the spiritual world and the personal world is divided into bhakti and Shakti. There are different beliefs. Some people with bhakti you will get Shakti, some people feel that with Shakti you can do bhakti. If you have no power, no energy, you are not in a very good state of mind, you can do lot of things.

Fact of life is that you do lot of things and you have to do lot of things and lot of things you can’t do. So people get tired and people freak out and people fall apart and first it was a spiritual counseling, then Catholic Church came with the confession that the first time it was a confession and advice given, but advice what they gave is all right say hail Mary thousand time and this and that something like that, but they didn’t give explanation. What is missing in our life? Is it that we are not breathing? Is that money is the answer? Is the comfort is the answer? Is the life is the answer? No, we are missing something. When you lose in your life innocence what child has more than you? Child is innocent and you are not. You have lost your innocence, and innocence you cannot replace. It is like virginity, you are virgin, you are virgin, when you are not, you are not.

‘Kiwari tho chao pia, vivahi tho mamle.’

Guru says that, but when I was virgin I had a happy about dreams and imagination that I’ll get married, now I have got married now I have got all the problem but I can never be virgin.

This is right there, I mean to say, it is not something I have to get somewhere. So once you are not virgin you are not virgin and when you are virgin, you are virgin, matter ends. Exactly as a child you are innocent, you are innocent, when you are not innocent you are not innocent. Can you ever become innocent? No. Once the child at innocence you lose you can never get it. So what you have to substitute it with to survive? Reverence. Once you lose virginity what you have to do to survive? Grace. It is called status alternative. Everybody teaches everybody anything but nobody teaches this is the stage, now you are going through this, you are entering this and now this is going to be and this is another stage you have to belong to.

As a human you can make money, you can have power, you can do anything. If you have no moral character and grace, you won’t survive. You are your own enemy. You will become inferior, you will compete, you will be jealous, you will be rough, you will be crude. You will be spaced out, you will be tired, you will be weak. Million things will happen to you for one thing. You have no reverence and reverence in attitude gives you hope, longing of a big dream. So long you looked at something bigger than you, you can keep going. Moment you start looking at equals three step, four step you will be rubbing your face in the ground. Don’t you know you can’t even look at lower things? Some people go up and then they say don’t look down you will fall apart, look straight or look higher.

Life is meant for the attitude and altitude is the alma mater of life. You have to be bigger than you and you have to be so bigger than you that in this life if you do not experience Infinity, you can never merge in Infinity.

Somebody was joking with me in London. He said, “What is Infinity?”

“Two zeros stretch across.”

Actually this is how you write Infinity, and he said, “Two zeros stretched across,” I mean he made a joke but it made sense.

In your life whenever anybody has called you to stretch yourself or elevate yourself or go above, the answer comes no. That is your answer. Answer maybe correct for the time being, but you have no future, because if you do not create a vacuum there is nothing to fulfill it. Law of vacuum is there is no vacuum. I mean, you want to talk to me scientifically I can talk to you, you want to talk to me spiritually I can talk to you. You talk negatively I can talk to you. You want to talk positively you talk to you, but fact is, in this life there is only one way to go.

All things come from God all things go to God and what is God? Totality and that is what exactly Nanak said Ek Ong Kar and that is what life of Guru Amar Das is all about. Twelve years; man with a land, with a landlordship, with a respect, with a bhakti, going to Ganges in those days every year was not a joke, it was almost impossible. People used to go to Ganga yatra they will say every relative meet them, say hello, once for all, God knows we will come back or not. He used to do it every year, he could afford it, he did it, but that did not got him anywhere.

Two saints came hungry, stretched out, he brought them home, made the food, served them, he said, “Amar Das,” first they told respectfully, “Amar Das tu kitka?”

Amar Das said, “Gangaji,” Amar Das said, this, Amar Das said, “I worship Shiva, I worship…”

He said, “Hey…” They left the house, they said, “Na gura se, he has no Guru…”

And from Amar Das, he said, “Hey Amru tu nagura se.”

And hungry people who have not eaten for days, who couldn’t even get up, walked away. Amar DasChoudhary of the village, landlord of the place, whose son was married to the daughter of the Guru, couldn’t believe that insult, couldn’t even understand, couldn’t even follow. Next day he saw his daughter-in-law chanting Guru Nanak’s Bani, Japji, so he asked, “Whose Bani is this?”

He said, “My father my Guru.”

He said, “Okay. Now kindly take me to him.”

So went there. Twelve years, understand (?), understand river, understand Amritsar, twelve years every morning this old man who has servants, who has horses, who has place, who has land, just understand, twelve years he went to bring a pot of cold river water for the Guru, twelve years and twelve years he was given a turban, he kept it on the head. Each turban is a gift of the Guru.

It looks like a joke, you might be thinking well, he was not clean, he was insane, what he was doing according to your modern character. Then according to your modern character you will not becomeGuru Amar Das either, you will remain only Amar Das.

And one day there was such a storm and he was bringing water and he fell into the pit of a weaver and weaver said to his wife, “What, what is this noise outside?”

She said, “Who can get up in this storm early in the morning, it must be Amru nathavah,” Amaru who has no place, who has gone insane, who is a Choudhary of this village, landlord of this place, he comes to in-laws’ house of his son and does this menial domestic work, we don’t understand.

So when Guru Amar Das came back and Guru Angad said, “Amar Das are you hurt?”

He said, “No, master, I am little bit scratched, it is not big deal, but I didn’t let the water fall.”

He said, “So you have brought the water for the bath?”

He said, “Yes.”

“Now kindly sit down and I’ll pour the water and bathe you.”

He said, “No, that is not practical, now you sit down and I’ll bathe you. You have no place to go, that is what she said?”

He said, “Yes master, that is what she said.”

He said, “All right, now you sit down and I’ll bathe you.”

And when they were taking turbans from his head and one after the other, twelve came out andGuru said, “What was the idea of having twelve turbans?”

He said, “Master every year you gave me one, you never said to remove the other, so on the one I took the other and it was comfortable to bring water, comfortable, that is why today water never fell.”

And then one sevadar who was helping the Guru to bathe him, he said, “Sir, do you know there are wounds in the head, I think he never washed his hair.”

And Amar Das said, “No, I took bath in the river completely before,” and then there was a wet turban, can you believe wet twelve turbans for twelve years on his head, can anybody even afford it physically?

Guru Angad said, “It is all okay,” bathed him, everything got healed, dressed him himself and then started saying.

‘Tan tan Guru Amar Das,’ Amar Das became Guru that minute.

Na thaviya di tha-Whosoever have no place shall have a place by just praying. Niyotiya-ni-ote, who have no attachment or some place where one can dwell. No protection, he will be the protection. Niasara di-asarey, nigatiya-di-gath, who has no grace, he shall give them grace. It is such a long list I can’t even repeat it.

‘Nathaviya-di-tha, niyotiya-diote, napathiya di path, nagathiya di gath, niasara di asare, Mahan Guru.’

This is Guru Angad saying to Amar Das in whose house those people even left, never ate the food.

And he, if you look at his painting sometime, he has a pretty good age, white beard. Wonderful life and if you ever get to read his Bani in Siri Guru Granth you will be surprised how straight, direct it is. In the modern time some Sikhs, when they say Malla Tija, they say Wahe Guru, immediately they say, God knows what, how harsh the Hukam will be, and watch faces those who know Siri Guru Granth. But this is the grace of a man who gave the world the pure absolute truth. Who gave comfort, who gave place, who gave shelter, and then just understand in his life, Akbar came, the emperor of the India and rule was first go in the kitchen and eat, then come.

Guru Amar Das started the lungar and made it so that everybody who has to come to see theGuru first must go to the lungar and eat in the Sangat and then come and that was the grace.

I understand we are educated, we understand we are human, we understand we are religious, but I am asking today a question, are we real? Is God real? Are we real? Is our finite self has the power of Infinity? Can we drop our neurotic nature, our limited small self? Can we become vast as nature is? Can we come and see in a thief there is a soul? I can understand if somebody is good and powerful and rich and well cleaned and you can, you will like to have a relationship. But I think when a Sikh reads Japji and either they don’t understand what Guru says, either I think as, as a general block we are all stupid. And,

“Jay jug charay aarjaa jor dasooni hoe.

Navaa khanda vich jaanee-ai naal chalai sabh koe”.

If our life is according to the four yugas which is thousands and thousands of year and it becomes double and ten times more.

“Jor dasooni hoe. Navaa khanda vich jaanee-ai naal chalai sabh koe.”

In all the parts of not in this universe or this planet Earth, if we are recognized in all the space in every identity God which has grace.

“Navaa khanda vich jaanee-ai naal chalai sabh koe.”

And everybody loves to walk with us and feel graceful, just by our company.

“Changa nao rakhae kai jas keerat jag lay.”

If they, they earn the name by relating to us and they get other people to worship them by doing so.

“Jay tis nadar na aavaee ta vaat na puchhai kay”

If the person does not recognize the Infinity of God and acknowledge it, in the end he will be uselessly hopeless.

So whatever you are doing it is good, but is it good enough to give you inner experience of your Infinity, that’s the question. You can be happy if you want to be. I understand you don’t want to be happy because it doesn’t suit us.

Do you know one thing? Unhappiness suit us all. Do you know what unhappiness actually is? Touch me not. It is your inner soul is so dormant that you don’t want anybody to touch you. So basically you are a untouchable, outcasted, ridiculous human being in specimen. That is why you do all the makeup to look beautiful, you have all the facade of wealth and power and everything. Because you are not satisfied inside. You have not understood,

‘Soi khandey jobarmandey.’

Whatever is in the universe is in the human being, that you have not understood.

Actually what I am talking tonight I definitely hundred percent sure you don’t understand it. And it is like a captured audience that you are listening because you happen to be in Gurdwara, but I want to tell you, you are actually miserable by your own right. And the bell has told and it has told me that I have the rightful time to say it. I am sixty-two year old I’ll be sixty-three in this August and my total experience of going through this life and terrible times and worst possible time.

I have gone through times and I’ll pray to Guru Ram Das and Guru Amar Das and to the house ofGuru Nanak that no human being should go through the time I have gone through. It is my prayer because nobody will last. The tragedy, the treachery, the betrayal, the pain and the way they try to trap me and treat me is so painful. Now it’s a modest way but there were times when it was very tensed and the success which I have lived in my life is not equal, anybody can achieve it. So I have, I have a life which I have lived in extremes but still I say one thing. My total experience of that life in utmost misery and utmost power is the same and it is simple. If you give yourself a value that you are part of God and God is part of you.

I remember, when I asked to change my stationery and I said put a flag underneath it, in God I dwell, I remember that moment when I was told, “Are you insane?” Exactly these were the words. “Are you not declaring yourself a messiah?” To any person it will look lunatic. No, I am just repeating those word my memory and exactly they were the same.

I said, “When I write humbly I look lunatic to many people.”

If that has made me lunatic, then this will make me more lunatic so it’s a continuous order but I want that flag to be there. And when I printed behind my card, ‘if you cannot see God in all you cannot see God at all,’ the statement itself has silenced everybody. Nobody has anything to talk to me anymore. Because they talk who are you, this and that and I just very silently go in my back, handover the card to the person, they look at this, “What is it?”

I said, “It is written in the back,” when the back they see “If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all.”

They say, “Thank you very much very nice of you, I understand.”

After that what is there to understand? Man is saying one message.

Tonight is Guru Amar Das, there are two words in his name, Amar. Amar means one who has no death, it is deathlessness. Das means service. He is a Guru of deathlessness and he got it by service. So basically tonight all I can say to you if you really believe you have born to suffer or you have a faith that you are suffering, I can say today very honestly and openly it is your lunatic, neurotic self, God doesn’t want it that way. That is why your prayer to God do not work, because God says…, He is asking me to protect this guy and make him happy but I have nothing to do with it. This neurotic is harming himself because he wants to.

When I see all these human beings five billion doing prayer I am asking them, I was teaching a course in Rome, in the middle of course I started crying and then I had a very difficult time, for a minute or two I couldn’t control, it has all tears and then I controlled myself and I said, “I even can’t teach you, you are so much in personal pain, all of you, so much in pain, I don’t know where should I start and where should I end. I see you personally involved in total personal damage pain. Your arc lines have so bubbles and breaks, I have never seen anywhere.” I said, “You guys who live in Rome what is wrong with you?” I said, “Okay, what I was supposed to teach was different, but let us get out of this first.”

I totally I have never done it, I always have a set course and I’ll teach it. I totally had to change that day. But in the end I was very, they were super happy but I was very happy. They got out of that.

Actually what you do in your life is very simple according to my knowledge. You make a pattern of pain, torture, trouble and self denunciation. You don’t do anything like self renunciation. If want to renounce, renounce your garbage, but not only you renounce not your garbage you put yourself down every time; I am unhappy, I am miserable.

I am met a person today. I said, “What is wrong?” But I loved whole day, I was, I was with that person whole day, I took everywhere I went, I mean to say, if any ordinary student would have had that privilege, would have been very happy, but you have to be that lunatic to do, get that, but I, I thought to myself, this is one specification of lunatic nonsense. It was amazing to me how you can do it. And then I thought let us take him, I went to a restaurant, I took him. I didn’t ask him to change his wear or anything, I went to a jewelry shop, the security was surprised.

I said, “No, no it is all right, I guarantee it, (?) it’s safe,” I took everywhere and I understand the guy wants to wait soon when the UFO is coming and pick him up. I can’t even believe it.

I said, “You are a man and identifiable man, how can Unidentified object is going to come and pick you up?

(Student’s laughter)

“But do you understand that?”

He said, “I know, but you don’t know.”

I said, “I, I, I know I don’t know. I am trying to know, if the time is fixed I should be there too, because I want to be picked up too, if that is the situation.”

(Student’s laughter)

“But meanwhile, let us do something to make some money, let us run a household, let us do something right.”

And today is the day we are celebrating Guru Amar Das birthday. Guru Amar Das had everything. All of those you have, you are neurotics too. Because when you have and those who do not have, you think you have they don’t have therefore, they are inferior. No I am not kidding with you guys, if you think that you have and others those who don’t have are inferior, you are more inferior than them.

Listen to me, open up your brain if it has some iota of sensitivity, I don’t think so, lot of people have stones, they don’t have a brain. I am tired of looking at this now.

Actually what God has done is the biggest joke. Now I, I, I know too much (?) this age I have reached a stage now I don’t know what to say. I know. I know we are harming ourself, I know we are going down the tube. And on the other hand I know you have a destiny. You don’t have to give distance to your destiny. You are… All right, not my word.

Guru Kripa thay Pagath Kamayi, Taaye Maanas Dehi Payi is dehi ko simro deh”

With Guru‘s…

Side B

We earned this human body, Guru says you, you don’t have to listen to me.

‘Is dehi ko Simran Dev,’

This body is worshiped by angels, for this body ‘Kar Har ki sev,’ with this body serve God, God is not you and your Temple and your altar and your anything. God is totality and when you say this man is bad, this man is negative, this man is idiot, this woman is prostitute, that man is wrong. Fifty percent God you wipe out. And fifty percent doesn’t relate to you, so what are you trying to do to yourself? Hey, bad is God and good is God equally and perfectly. It is one coin it has two sides. And that little thing you can’t understand. You don’t understand if the coin has a head it has a tail too? No you can’t, because you cannot understand this from thousands of years. And this is one thing Sikh has to learn, sarbat da balaa, otherwise you are no good to be a Sikh, just a joke. That is the quality, in unlimited quantity, sarbat da balaa. Then you will ask there are more bad people than good people, they are required to be, otherwise you have nothing else to do. If there are no bad people how you can be good? It takes about hundred thousands bad people to make you one look good. You are good or not that I don’t know, it takes millions.

‘Jinna Ram Pathata virley sejana.’

Those who have recognized God are far and far in-between.

It is not very essential that all has to be divine, because it takes lot of Earth and lot of stuff and a plant to create one flower and a good flower to give fragrance. Try to understand this universe is yours agreed, this world is yours, agreed. Your body is yours, agreed. Your wealth, health, happiness yours agreed, but idiots, there is only one chance to become infinite and that only in human body. Whether you are a man and a woman but there is only one chance, that you will get in human body and that is what human body is made to and if we cannot recognize that Infinity in our actions, we will never see, face, enjoy resurrection. And that is the life of Guru Amar Das clear.

I am not asking you to become holy. I am just asking you watch your holes, I am not asking you to be graceful, I am asking you when it is challenge don’t lose it. I am not asking you to discipline yourself, I am saying when the test comes pass it, don’t blow it. Whether you have brakes or not it is not my problem, but when it is going to be accident, apply it. That’s why they say consciousness is great when one does not (?) applied consciousness, one ruins oneself.

So today we are celebrating the day of the great Guru and it was a really a privilege to come and speak to you and I know Monday I am leaving and you will rather enjoy it. First of all summer is coming, you don’t have to wear clothes but you can’t walk naked, but you are just waiting I go so you may not have to put a turban on and you can go lousy and you do those kind of things. I know what you do in Los Angeles in summer, I am not upset with it and I know when the cat is away mouse play, I mean it is… but what I am asking you is very serious situation. If you not put your scene together and you do not discipline with a strength and power of Infinity, you saw Los Angeles burning you will not be far away from it soon.

If you have what you have and you do not get your scene together and you do not get in-between together and you do not communicate with love and affection and understanding and you don’t stop putting down each other and that kind of stuff which you do and those who have do not look down or those who do not have and those who have not must not act lunatic to draw the attention and play sympathy, apathy, it applies both ways, I am not upset. And you got to do lot of things. You will ask me why we. I tell you why us.

We are the pioneer of the Age of Aquarius. And that is what your purpose of life is, don’t forget it. If you can remember on the day of Guru Ram Das or day of Guru Amar Das or day of Guru Nanak and day of Guru Gobind Singh or Baisakhi and something, you earned this life to be gracious part of God. You are the part of the grace of God, every woman wants to live convenient. The most convenient way is to live on the beach and live naked, don’t come into the town, it is very, very convenient. Roll on the sand and men will find you there and they will bring food to you. If you are so cheap and you are such a creep that you can’t even dress up gracefully and walk on the streets looking lunatic how you expect people with different motive and intention will ever respect you. Why you will not be attacked?

First thing in the Guru‘s order is what Guru Gobind Singh gave us the Bana, identify yourself with grace. We are not in a boutique shop and selling boutiques to all of you ladies, but times are going to be very harsh and harder. And in spite of the fact you are very superior mentally and physically, stop being negative about yourself. Grace wins the race in life. And I understand it is very funny thing, it astonished me.

Last night I came here, today I was going. I saw somebody driving a truck, he was lousiest dressed up person I have seen, I know the gentleman, I am not going to name him, well I intentionally kept standing here and I was here for about half an hour or so, I came out again and (?) the truck came he was very well dressed up, I on the day of Guru Amar Das wants to thank him that he honored me from his lousiness to grace he gave me. He has really honored me today, I am very grateful for this stupid son of mine who got caught by me by accident driving in a most bizarre way and sitting on the wheel and, but I am very grateful and I prayed to Guru Amar Das today to bless him that he took a time, he must have gone home or somewhere, must have got clothes. His turban was very nice, I have never seen him, always he wears a funky turban, but today when he was driving again it was very good. So I liked it.

But why I have to come all the way from Rome here doesn’t he understand I am in his soul, I am in his body, I am around him, doesn’t he understand Ang Sang Wahe Guru is as real as anything? Why to waste even half an hour? Why not to start from home with absolute extreme gracefully well decorated with a perfect décor that you may look perfect saint and soldier wherever you are and we have to have those kind of character and habit and commitment because temporarily there is no fire but there are lot of people who are burning inside and it can happen again.

So it is my request to ask the Guru for blessing and protect us in future. It is my request to you, just understand Guru Arjan sat on the hot plate five days and you sing it everyday in the song of the Khalsa but he kept his grace. That’s the most beautiful thing. Guru Amar Das served twelve years, but he kept his grace. May we all live in that spirit and in that happiness and may exalt ourself so we can resurrect to the Infinity of God in the purity in the imperial self. It’s a royal way to live. Eh raj yog hai.

‘Raj yog takht dayan Guru Ram Das.’

It’s a royal way to live. You ask Guru Ram Das to bless you, live royally.

I had a wonderful experience in Germany I met somebody, when he came to me he was more spaced out freak.

He asked me, “What should I do?”

I said, “What I can tell you? Dress up graciously as you can and walk graciously and talk graciously.”

He said, “What will happen?”

I said, “Well let us see what happens.”

This time within a very short period from when we spoke last on this time he told me is there anything graceful I want him to do for anybody he will love to do. Not only God gave him everything, but in tons and thousands of abundance he never could believe.

And I said, “If you have got all this why everybody doesn’t get it?”

He said, “I do not know you told me, I listened. I tell them they don’t listen, what is the problem?”

I said, “People have two ears but they have no head to understand, but keep on doing your best.”

“Yes sir, I will.”

And it is very funny, they thought I was sleeping and I was listening to the conversation between him and somebody else and he was saying, “If I can just pretend, fake to be graceful and I can get all this reality, why can’t you?”

He said, “I am not you, I don’t believe in it.”

Now if you do not believe in grace and being imperial, being the light of God, being all that, then nobody can tell you. Then you better be picked up UFO. I mean you are overloading with the circuits.

So in my prayer that we should learn and earn our livelihood in a graceful way and please take it from me this poverty.

“Dukh daru sukh rog bhayaa ja sukh tam na hoe.”

This poverty, this tragedy, misery, torture, whatever you call is nothing. I mean, you won’t agree with me, but why should you agree with me, I have not a day when I have something else not to face. So agree with me for hypothetical way, it is nothing, it is, it’s just a test. Your inferiority is your test, if you drop it God’s Infinity will come through, it’s a wonderful way to say it. And I said to somebody in London and he said, “Yogiji not true.”

I said, “Why not, why should I lie to you?”

He said, “Well, you know in your case it is all going okay.”

And I said, “Why? You want to go to the root of it, why everything is good for me? Why not it can be for you?”

He said, “I don’t know.”

I said, “Base is the same. You will never be a graduate if they don’t put a test to you, you got to pass the test. And if you want to be a student it is not that I know it, you have to have more than eighty percent. And you have to do a special course.”

So the life of Guru Amar Das it’s a very, very critical life. He had everything which it requires to be graceful and then he went to with the situation of have not to have which nobody could have. And that’s a very technical question to understand from his life which you may ignore, may not be very concerned about it. Because when he had everything, he knew he didn’t have that totality and to get totality, whatever he had he didn’t care. And he got to totality and today that’s why,

‘Balle Amar Das Guru tere, teri upma tu hi baney ayae.’

Hey Amar Das, you are so gracious that your grace only belong to you, so it is not that on this time and planet things cannot be learned and because we have the Gurus and their life, we can learn from them to understand life is given to you as a gift as a definite but neither the life, not what you have belong to you, it’s a lesson to learn to elevate yourself to the point of totality so that you can touch everybody and give them the reality. And if you are a Sikh of the Guru learn and live learned. And you will see the miracle Ang Sang Wahe Guru.

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”

Student reads the holy book…..

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”

Student: (?) fifth Guru I live to sing the praise of my Lord oh my loved Lord show Thy mercy unto me that I may forget thee not ever. I live to sing the praise of my Lord, oh my loved Lord, show Thy mercy unto me that I may forget thee not ever, pause. My soul body and wealth are all thine oh Lord. There is not any other place for me. As thou keepeth me, so do I live, I wear and eat, what thou giveth me. I am a sacrifice unto the society of the saints, through whose grace I shall wander not in existence again. Slave Nanak has sought Thy refuge oh Lord, as thou will is so do that drives him. I am a sacrifice unto the society of the saint through whose grace I shall wander not into existences again. Slave Nanak has sought Thy refuge oh Lord, as thou will is do so that drive him.

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”


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