Guru: A Haiku by Anant Dev Kaur

1. A blue sky, 

   one bird flies by – 

   absolutely infinite. 


2. A tree, 

   years of fun in the treehouse – 

   memories of laughter. 


3. Lighting strike, 

   feeling the presence – 

   hearing the sound. 


4. The mouthwatering chocolate bar,  

   soul satisfying piece – 

   generous bean. 


5. Invisible touch, 

   point in the heart – 

   The Guru. 


~ Anant Dev Kaur (Caracas, Venezuela)


This poem was written by Anant Dev Kaur from Caracas, Venezuela. It was submitted during the 2022/2023 Sikh Dharma International Poetry Sharing Event on “What Does the Guru Mean to You?” 

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