My Guru: A Poem by Simran Kaur

Guru is my companion

Guru is my carer

Guru is my constant

No other is dearer


The Guru takes my anxiety

The Guru takes my sin

The Guru takes my anger

He is my keeper and keeps it within


My Guru gives me freedom

My Guru gives me peace

My Guru gives me order

And takes my disease


Guruji makes me grow

Guruji makes me ponder

Guruji makes me congregate

And saves me from wander


My Guru trades in love

He asks for nothing else

He’s filled me to the brim

I feel it deep inside myself


I exchange love with my friends

I affirm love with plants and trees

I recognise love in my cup of water

So this, is the true currency


I am rich, I am rich

The Guru has shown me the way

I am wealthier than the wealthy

My riches are here to stay


My heavy days are behind me

I am not troubled or in despair

I live in His will day and night

With devotion, I say my prayer


I am life, I am fearless

I am content, I am well

I am my Beloved’s lover

Yearning to be where other lovers dwell


Guruji has blessed us with this sangat

Let us all rejoice and delight

For He is our boat in this world-ocean

And the Sat Sangat, our light


Now I will spread the Guru’s message

I will take it far and wide

The truth must be heard

For the Guru is on my side


I thank my Guru day and night

I thank my Guru with all my being

I thank my Guru, thank you, thank you

Vah-guru, Vah-guru, Vah-guru! My heart sings


~ Simran Kaur

This poem was written by Simran Kaur. It was submitted during the 2022/2023 Sikh Dharma International Poetry Sharing Event on “What Does the Guru Mean to You?” 

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