Haa Haa Parabh Raakh Layho – This Shabad Gives the Power to Surrender While Living a Householder’s Life

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Written by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, this Shabad gives the power to surrender while living a householder’s life. Meditate on this Shabad or recite it 11 times a day to experience this energy in your life.

Raag Dhanasari- Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 675

Raag Dhhanaasaree Mehalaa 5

Ik Oankaar Sathigur Prasaadh ||

Haa Haa Prabh Raakh Laehu ||

Ham Thae Kishhoo N Hoe Maerae Svaamee Kar Kirapaa Apunaa Naam Dhaehu || 1 || Rehaao ||

Agan Kuttanb Saagar Sansaar ||

Bharam Moh Agiaan Andhhaar || 1 ||

Ooch Neech Sookh Dhookh ||

Dhhraapas Naahee Thrisanaa Bhookh || 2 ||

Man Baasanaa Rach Bikhai Biaadhh ||

Panch Dhooth Sang Mehaa Asaadhh || 3 ||

Jeea Jehaan Praan Dhhan Thaeraa ||

Naanak Jaan Sadhaa Har Naeraa || 4 || 1 || 19 ||

Raag Dhanaasaree, Fifth Mehl:

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

O God, please save me!

By myself, I cannot do anything, O my Lord and Master; by Your Grace, please bless me with Your Name. || 1 || Pause ||

Family and worldly affairs are an ocean of fire.

Through doubt, emotional attachment and ignorance, we are enveloped in darkness. || 1 ||

High and low, pleasure and pain.

Hunger and thirst are not satisfied. || 2 ||

The mind is engrossed in passion, and the disease of corruption.

The five thieves, the companions, are totally incorrigible. || 3 ||

The beings and souls and wealth of the world are all Yours.

O Nanak, know that the Lord is always near at hand. || 4 || 1 || 19 ||

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This post was drawn from the Psyche of the Golden Shield Volume 2: Shabads from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib compiled by Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, PhD.

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