Ideas to Teach Your Children Seva in Action


Here are some suggestions for how to involve your family and kids in the process of helping other kids who are less fortunate!

  1. Have your family host a bake sale. Use all proceeds to donate to an organization that feeds people in your local area. Or alternatively, you can make your donation to Sikh Dharma International’s Sikhs Feed People fund, which grants all donations to inspiring Sikh organizations doing food Seva around the world.
  2. Prepare bags for the homeless and keep them ready in your car. You can fill a quart-sized plastic bag with essential items. These bags fit easily in the car and can be reached for and given out quickly when you are stopped at a traffic light. You can make either “hygiene bags” (socks, toothpaste, wipes, water bottle, other toiletries) or “food bags” (5-6 snacks and a water bottle).
  3. If your child is given an allowance, you can offer your child the chance to give part of their allowance to a charity of their choice. Explain to your children the situation in the world right now, clearly and directly but without fear, and explain the impact their donations can have in helping others.
  4. When you are grocery shopping, have your child pick out a few products that you will drop off together at a local food bank or food pantry on your way home from the store.
  5. Host a collection drive for goods in your community (pantry foods, clothing, blankets, hygiene items, toys, etc. are all great ideas). Set up a box for people to donate items, and spread the word about your collection drive. When finished, drop off all of the items at a local shelter or other organization that will give them to those in need.

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