Inner Calling, Outer Calling

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Excerpted from a lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib Ji. Full lecture published in Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance.  

Water has to resurrect from the very chest of the ocean to the sky and then it has to travel back and kiss the gold peaks of the mountain to become rain. It must shower like the mercy of a man and must flow through the heart of the land, to reach its goal, to cover the distance into destiny. That’s the process of life.

Every human being needs loftiness, exaltedness, self-confidence, and appreciation to be grateful that we are alive at this moment and we are alive together. It’s like stars in the sky on the same night. Some are big. Some are small. Some are shining. Some come late. Some come earlier. But in the brim of night, all are lit on their axle. On their orbit, they exist. That is the condition of every human.

The comparative study of how to learn, to grow and to be is dharma. To compete, compare and be confused is a low-grade karma. We all are born. There are a lot of people who are rich. There are a lot of people who are wise. There are a lot of people who are powerful. There are a lot of people who are greatly unique. Are they fulfilled?

Go to a rich person – a very rich person. When you ask him for money, he’ll say, “Ahh, you have come at the wrong time. We just invested yesterday.”

Go to a talented person and just say, “I have come to learn something.” He’ll say, “This is the time for sleep. I’ll see you later.”

If a human cannot extend himself or herself, that person cannot be redeemed. It is the light that must redeem itself by emitting, being radiant and reaching out . . .

In the Age of Aquarius, the dharma of a person shall be to reach out. Reach out to help. Reach out to share smiles. Reach out to hear each other. Reach out to every person without judgement.

It should be a quantum leap in the consciousness where a person will honor himself. It is my personal honor that I am a saint. It is my personal grace that I am a sage. It is my personal victory that I am a human. It is my personal joy that I am grateful and fulfilled. Everything is personal. Everything is shared and every person will try one’s best.

You who are born in this time and in this moment, at this desh (space), and at this kaal (time) have a purpose in life. If you have a purpose in life and you don’t have a projection in life, you are losing something big. It is your dharma that you, through karma yoga, will serve anybody and everybody without discrimination. Thus you will cleanse yourself of your karma and you will be enlightened in the grace and happiness of your accomplishments.

You are here now. None of us has features like each other. We are different in size, weight, shape and in caliber. Even in consciousness, even in development, we have come from different backgrounds. We have different experiences. We have different ideas. With all that, we are one because we are here. We are now. And this is the moment. If you want to honor yourself, you shall honor the teachings . . .

A life that does not have purpose and projection is a useless life. It is fortunate that everybody knows the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to be beautiful, to be bountiful, to be blissful, to be graceful and grateful.

What a wonderful English word – grateful. If one is great and full, one is God. And whenever smallness faces you, you should be great. And full. Full of that greatness.

Some of you might be thinking, “What should we do? Why do we have to do it? Why are we here? Why are we not somewhere else?” Judge not my friends, or you shall be judged. Do not isolate yourself or you will be desolate. Don’t go away or you will be gone. Self-discipline is to honor oneself, to honor the ideal of oneself . . .

When it came to Nanak, all he said was, “You are one God and one God’s creation.” When some fanatics got to him, he said, Ram jap, Ram jap, hirdai Ram basat hai. Chant Ram. Ram means “Maker of the sun and the moon” and it lives in the heart. So everywhere the faculty and the quality and the projection is in that Oneness. It’s not in duality.

Maya has a duality. “I am myself.  I am for myself. I am for my children. This is my home. This is my state. This is my country. This is my nationality.” But if you really want to understand, there is nothing that you have.

The body is a tool. The ribcage is a prison. It’s a cage for the soul. If your soul is not happy in the ribcage, in your chest, you have not understood your very existence. If your breath is not easy, you have not respected life.

If you see a very ugly, dirty, undesirable person and you have not reached out to comfort that soul and its existence, you have not learned anything. You talk of passionate love. You talk of possessions. You talk of everything. In reality, you have no possessions. Whatever you have is not yours.

Your very body, its features, its shape, its faculty are not yours. Some people are shortsighted. Some are long sighted. Some have thick noses. Some have small noses. Some are tall. You have no control over it.

All right, you don’t believe in God. I don’t want to force you. But something else controls all. And when something else controls all, then let all be understood. Don’t become an isolated individual. All is all. Even in small S-M-A-L-L, all is. All is contained in small . . .

Time and its actions or reactions, sequence and consequences can be diverted, not stopped. Everything can be diverted to safety by graceful action. That is dharma. All the tragedies that are supposed to hit you can be avoided and made minimal.

But when we see the sequence and we see the consequences, we freak out. We are not grateful. We do not understand that good has no limit. The same with bad. For thousands of years we have been taught that everything is ours, everything is our action, everything is under our control. This is my property. This is my son. This is my daughter. This is my religion. This is my guru. This is my God.

But isn’t it the same God? Isn’t it the same guru? Isn’t it the same temple? Isn’t it the same worship? You can sit on your heels or you can stand up on one leg. Whatever you do, isn’t the One all there is? We have never understood the message of Nanak. “In One,” he said. Nobody has understood the words “Ek Ong Kaar.Ek Ong Kaar doesn’t need anything but the recognition that I am one with every one. In every one is Ek Ong Kaar. That is how the Shabad Guru started, with that one phrase – Ek Ong Kaar. People are so shy to understand it – to be it.

When you sweat and hassle, you will never get royalty. You will not get bounty. It’s not that you don’t deserve bounty or that you don’t deserve prosperity, but you are a thief. You are stealing a part of you from the One. Therefore you will get only a part. You will not get the whole.

You make fences. All right. You’re controlling yourself, “I am me. I am for myself.” Thank you very much. But when prosperity comes, it will find all the hurdles you, yourself, have created. You are not for all. You are not for Sarbat da bala – goodwill for humanity.

You are not unique and open to all winds. That was the beauty of the tall ships. The trade winds would blow. They could change their direction, grab the wind and sail the ship. Had those winds not existed, they never would have sailed.

This life of yours is meant to be a life of all within you and all existing in you. God is omnipresent and omnipotent. So are you.

When you say, “I am not this. I am not that. I am not here. I am not there,” who are you talking to? Every lie you have ever spoken has been understood later by another man. Why start a lie that has to be understood later? Why start a sequence for which you are not willing to face the consequences? You have a life. You have a responsibility. If honor has been bestowed on you, carry that honor and honor everybody. That honor is no good that cannot honor others. That grace is no good that cannot shower grace. That power is no good that cannot uplift others. That knowledge is no good that cannot comfort and give the heavens to others . . .

My friends, everything is in you. You can protect yourself, or the One who made you can protect you. Never lose your innocence, and the Heavenly Father and Mother Nature shall always protect you. As it was in the beginning when you were children, so shall it be now. And you shall be guarded until the end.


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