Jai Te Gang – Cut Through Your Karma and Erase Negativity

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The Shabad Jai Te Gang cuts through your Karma and erases negativity. It brings strength, courage and inspiration.

This is a Mangala Charan of Bhagwati: an invocation of prayer to the Goddess of Primal Power, Bhagwati. She is associated with the sword to cut away ignorance that binds the world and us in it.

This shabad is a complete mantra that will temper a person in courage and grit, and increase self-esteem. This person will be able to cut through any negativity.

“If you sing, hear or relate to this Shabad from a begging bowl you will have royalty, imperial dignity and grace. This Shabad works like Sudarshan Chakra and cuts around the Karma like something invincible cuts, and slaughters an enemy, like a lawn mower cuts down grass.”  (Yogi Bhajan lecture – May 7, 1989)

When Guru Gobind Singh was Rishi Drist Dharam in Hemkunt Sahib, he served Durga in clearing duality and negativity from the world and from that she promised to assist him when he incarnated as Guru Gobind Singh.

After three and a half million years of meditation on God, Guru Gobind Singh merged with God and then God required he serve in clearing the tyranny from the world by taking the incarnation as Guru Gobind Singh.


Jai Te Gang

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  1. Stacey Morris says:

    Thank You! This mantra comes at a perfect time for me. How many times per day is it to be recited, and is it best to do it in conjunction with a kriya, or a mala necklace?

    Thanks so much!

    • OngKar Kaur Khalsa says:

      Sat Nam Stacey. You can listen to this shabad throughout the day or night to surround yourself in this transformative energy or recite it 11 times a day as a meditation. Have you received one of our Jai TayGang altar cards yet? You can request one for free. Here’s more info: https://www.sikhdharma.org/jai-taygang/

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