What is the Shabad Guru?

What is the Shabad Guru?

The Shabad Guru is a collection of sacred writings written by saints whose followers eventually became known as ‘Sikhs’.

What does ‘Shabad’ mean?

The word ‘Shabad’ means the Word or Sound.  ‘Shabad’ comes from the words ‘Sha’ and ‘bud’. ‘Sha’ means the expression of the ego, the attachments we identify with. Bad means to cut out/off or to eradicate.  Therefore the word ‘Shabad’ means to clear/cut-off that which holds us back from experiencing our Infinity Identity.

What does ‘Guru’ mean?

The word ‘Guroo’ comes from two sounds: ‘Gu’ meaning Darkness and ‘Roo’ meaning Light.  So a Guroo is the energy which brings us from Darkness into Light.

There are many variations of this energy:

“The word is Gur, Gur means formula. Guroo means one who uses the formula and one who knows the formula. The applicator of the formula is word Guroo. Then SatGuroo is one who knows the essence the truth of the application of the formula.  And then comes the stage of Siree Guroo. Siree Guroo Granth [the Shabad Guru]. You do not call it a Guroo Granth. It is named, entitled, enshrined as the Siree Guroo Granth. That means universal application of the formula.  And then comes a simple, Siree Guroo and Wahe Guroo. Wahe Guroo is the ecstasy of the Lord’s experience. That is your mantra.

So the feeling that we worship and bow to the Siree Guru Granth: Do we bow to a book or do we bow to a living Guru. Now that is a scientific fact to recognize, Siree Guru Granth is nothing but in sutras. It is vibration.”  Siri Singh Sahib 9/17/76

Normally the Guroo energy was in the form of a human being, so to learn how to reach our Infinity within, we had to study under a human Guroo.  In the 15th century, Guru Nanak brought the ‘Shabad Guru’ ~ the word as a carrier of our journey from darkness into light.  This, for the first time, allowed humans to self-initiate themselves and go into the these sacred words as a pathway to the Divine.

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