Love is Good for Your Health


Wisdom has no criteria.
Stupidity has no age.
Woman has one defense,
Which is a crossbow between her humility and her grace.
Beyond that she has no armor.

Those who know that God has effective ownership,
Are effective in every way.
If you know and achieve all the knowledge,
And do not realize that the source of knowledge is God, the Creator,
You shall miss the creativity of life,
And your life will be empty and barren.

Love is a creative force.
When you question, you stop the progress
And you get wrong progressions in the answer.
Putting conditions on love makes it a negative force
And it shall destroy the doer.

Beauty is a great stimulant and invites every evil,
As the candle invites every moth.
You can sell yourself once.
You can sell yourself twice.
If you try a third time, it won’t be nice.

Cheap behavior, direct and indirect, jeopardizes your happiness.
Jealousy is your own enemy.
Blame is your own snag.
Nagging is your own misdemeanor.
Complaining is your felony
In the court of the Universe.
This is the way of the Law.

Any talk which is not from the heart will hurt.
Any scheme with the head will lead nowhere.
Life is a mutual concept.
Nobody can do it alone.

If you are in love, you have the strength to trust.
If you can’t trust, you can’t find where the love is.
You can’t be a common person and hope for uncommon achievements.

If you are not already one step ahead of the work,
The work shall walk one step ahead to someone else.

Those who know how to take –
Take them off the list of your friends.
If you know people who give you a lot,
Remember the return.
Taking and giving is a mutual appreciation.
When done with a motive it breeds results.
Instead of friendship, it creates animosity.

Lover’s paradise is always filled with joy and love.
There is no place for disharmony.
If you can’t read the language of the heart,
You are a no-good lover.
Worries will keep you engaged,
And you will miss the purpose of your life.
See not the faults in others;
You will miss your own faults.

Calamity is a challenge.
If you face it, it shall disappear,
If you run from it, it will get you.

Khalsa woman4

Woman is a virtue.
She doesn’t have to gain anything.
She simply does not have to lose her virtues.
Count your blessings, not your curses.
Love is the power which conquers fear.
Fear eats up love.

No man is better than any other man.
Because being a man is a rare thing.

Find your own soul and rule the world.
Do not play smart with others.
When they catch up with you,
You will have no place to hide.

Hidden agendas take you far away from reality.
Enemies are good.
They keep you alert.
Friends are like angels.
They take away your loneliness.

Every child is your first student,
There to prove your worth as a teacher.

Do not subject yourself to time and space –
Keep the wealth of your wisdom and just leap over them.

Those who try to destroy others
Have already made themselves inferior.
Don’t think of doom and damn days.
It is an illusion.
It is your illusion and you are asking for trouble.

Watch out and behold:
God can manifest in many ways to test your purity of heart,
The wisdom of your head and the greatness of your life.

Your looks, your structure and your projection have an elementary purpose.
Because life is a comparative psyche, not size.
Everybody who tries to be a Napoleon,
Be ready to die insane on the island of St. Helena.
Play no games, my friend, because you will become a game yourself.

Every life has a purpose and strength
To process a pathway to success.
Prayer is the power.
Meditation is the guidance,
And love is the strength.

Every day is a new life.
Yesterday was another death,
And tomorrow is another hope.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.
To face it you shall have to become today,
And you are facing today very well.
Tomorrow shall be another day to face.


If you need God’s help in your life,
Be graceful and God shall be grateful to help you.
How you are known will not depend on your demand,
It will depend on your commitments.

Don’t repeat mistakes.
It will empty your life.
Don’t feel sorry.
It will empty the joy of victory.
Plan graciously before you play your hand.

Losing a friend or facing an enemy
Is sometimes purely circumstantial.
Things do happen because of time and space.
Keep moving –
Otherwise, you will jam the traffic of life.

There is no tragedy worse than the way you feel it.
There is no poverty worse than when you cannot give.
There is no misfortune worse than your broken word.
There is no gruesome sin worse than you betraying your own trust.
And there is no insanity worse than when you let down yourself or a friend.

Love, my friend, is good for your health.
Rejoice and show your gratitude toward God.

Be caring and kind.
It shows your divine strength.

Be compassionate and wise.
It shows your courage.

From The Game of Love – The Poems and Art of Yogi Bhajan


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