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Sat Nam, Friends.

I’m Sat Bachan Kaur and this is the first of my new weekly Sacred Share: A Yogic Approach to the Art of Living. This idea to share my tips for living a noble spiritual life, in Sukh Sahej, effortless peace, comes from the gratitude I have for all the help I have been given in my life. Guru Ram Das, by His Grace, touched me through the love of so many giving people!
I love this quote by the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore:
“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”
As I awoke from my unconscious state, through Kundalini Yoga and the blessings of the Siri Singh Sahib Ji, Yogi Bhajan, I experienced the true joy of serving and giving. As the Siri Singh Sahib Ji said so many times, “Always give, never take.”
My prayer is that I may be a humble representative of Guru Ram Das and the Siri Singh Sahib Ji and help you enjoy your life with courageous commitment, devotional living and realized hope.
I’d like to begin these shares with the beloved Tantric Necklace.

Let me share the history of this sacred technology with you. In the early eighties, the Sadh Sangat presented the Siri Singh Sahib Ji with a beautiful Lapis Lazuli and Gold Tantric Necklace. Each of the 192 major beads in this mala were purchased by a different person in the world wide community. Guru Hans Singh from Paris who put this all together even created a magnificent poster, which we all got, that had every person’s name beside the bead they gave. We all also received a small engraved card with the Tantric Necklace design on it also noting the bead number we gave. There was a quote on the card:

When I meditate
All those teachers
Who have a mental link with me
Appear just like a panorama show
So long as a person’s link appear
On my rosary
I never consider him gone
-Siri Singh Sahib Ji

That was an exciting time to be around the Siri Singh Sahib Ji. Ten years later, my husband, MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa, asked the Siri Singh Sahib Ji if he could replicate his Tantric Necklace so that many people could experience its power and grace. He not only said yes but he gave his blessings. Here is a quote from around that time:

“We are all one mala, one rosary, linked with one thread to the breath of life.”

Yogi Bhajan 4/19/92

So that is when we began reproducing the Tantric Necklace in many different gemstones. Each one we made we took to the Siri Singh Sahib Ji to have it blessed in his hands. After a few times he said, “Every Tantric Necklace that you make will be blessed personally by me.”

Many years after that, in 2001, I rediscovered that magnificent poster that we received when we first presented the Siri Singh Sahib Ji with his Tantric Necklace. I saw that Guru Hans Singh assigned bead number 1 to himself. Then to my delight, I saw that he allotted bead number 2 to me! It was a confirmation that I had a special connection with this necklace. I felt it was “in the cards” that I was to help share the beauty and benefits of this spiritual jewelry with all.

There are so many references in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib to necklace, link, beads, and thread. They are songs of pure devotion written by the Gurus expressing their longing to merge with Him. Wearing a Tantric Necklace connects you to this devotion and is something magical. The magic becomes real with trust. Wearing a Tantric Necklace provides the opportunity to practice trusting in the magic promised by the Siri Singh Sahib Ji, Yogi Bhajan. From there you will see what happens automatically by elevating your soul through this trust. If you trust that your life can become magic, then you will experience the change this provides.

The magic released through the devotional practice of trust is everything to me. When trust becomes real for you, life will be lived at a higher vibration. Through this experience, trust and love become one.

A Tantric Necklace is metamorphic. I not only believe in its benefits, but I live by them, and have experienced their transformational power. All who participate will ultimately benefit. This is my promise to you. I can make this promise with such clarity, conviction, and confidence because that’s the promise the Siri Singh Sahib Ji made to me. I trusted him and it has brought absolute joy to my life. Now, the same opportunity is before you.

Wearing a Tantric Necklace is the test of putting your trust in the legacy it represents. A Tantric Necklace is about gratitude, devotion and sacredness.

As Guru Arjan says in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, Page 1121:

“With his palms pressed together, Nanak begs for this gift; O Lord, please keep me strung around Your Neck. ||2||5||13||

I am so grateful to offer this sacredness to you.

Sat Bachan Kaur Khalsa

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Sat Bachan Kaur is a Sikh Dharma Minister and is a member of the International Khalsa Council as part of the Bhai Sahiba section.  She is also a member of the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation.  She and her husband have a jewelry business called Nine Treasures.

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