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Why I Love Womens’ Camp

Sat Nam Dear Friends, Eaekaa Maaee Jugath Viaaee Thin Chaelae Paravaan Jiv This Bhaavai Thivai Chalaavai Jiv Hovai Furamaan Ouhu Vaekhai Ounaa Nadhar N Aavai Bahuthaa Eaehu Viddaan Aadhaes Thisai Aadhaes Aadh Aneel Anaadh Anaahath Jug Jug Eaeko Vaes ||30|| “There is one mother who is married to the universe and she has three
sat bachan kaur reading

Why I Love the Power of Words

Sat Nam Dear Friends, “In the eye of the Saint, everything is God. In the heart of the Saint everything is Dharma. The Saint hears words of Goodness. He is absorbed into the All-pervading Lord. This is the way of life of one who know Him. True are all the words spoken by the
This is me adjusting my chuni at the front desk at the Secretariat in 1978, protected by the pictures of Guru Ram Das behind me.

Why I Love Intuition

Sat Nam Dear Friends, RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is a jewel, a ruby. It brings Truth, contentment and spiritual wisdom. The Lord entrusts the treasures of peace, intuition and kindness to His devotees. || 1 || Guru Arjan Dev JiP 893 -894 What an age we live in: infinite
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