Meditation at the National Congress of Chile




Dear Friends,

As you all might know I travel South America every year for a teaching tour on yoga and meditation. This year it was in 11 cities in 8 countries.

The video link below is at one of many amazing events on the 45 day tour.  It is the National Congress of Chile official video produced by the Congress itself. For the first time in the 210 year history of Chile, someone was allowed to speak in the Hall of Honor at their National Congress in Valparaiso, Chile. It was truly a great honor and privilege. More than 700 people attended, including congressional members, government officials, the diplomatic corps, generals from the military, police and other armed forces, and general public. There were more people in attendance than when their President gives his annual address.

The video is 6 minutes with music. The lecture was on meditation and calming the mind to discover your joy and vitality. Imagine the implications in the very heart and pysche of Chile. Peace!

Click Here to see the video

Hope you like it.

My Blessings………………….Gurubachan Singh

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