Meditation for Shakti Pad and Midlife Transition

When the crop of life has matured, it bends, breaks and perishes; why take pride in that which comes and goes? ~ Guru Nanak Dev Ji

The following content is excerpted from the Lifecycles & Lifestyles Student Manual. Copyright: Kundalini Research Institute 2007.  This meditation was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan on February 10, 1981. 

This is a three-way energy. This mantra will help people who are going through Shakti Pad.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose.

Mudra: Extend the first two fingers of the right hand and the index finger of the left hand. Touch them together at the tips to form and upside down “V” pointing up. The remaining fingers are bent and joined with the fingers of the other hand from the first to second joint. Thumb tips meet and point toward the body. With the elbows bent, bring the hands up and in until they meet just below the level of the throat.

Eyes: Eyes are closed.

Mantra: Chant in a monotone the following mantra:

Ardaas Bhayee, Amar Daas Guroo

Amar Daas Guroo, Ardaas Bhayee

Raam Daas Guroo, Raam Daas Guroo

Raam Daas Guroo, Sachee Sahee

Translation: The prayer is offered, oh Guru Amar Das. Guru Amar Das, the prayer is offered. Guru Ram Das, Guru Ram Das Guru Ram Das, it is truly sealed.

Time: 11 minutes

Comments: This is a three-way energy. This mantra will help people who are going through Shakti Pad. If a man cannot relax himself voluntarily, cannot communicate voluntarily, cannot understand himself voluntarily, and cannot project within, the outside world becomes nothing but a misery.

©Copyright and Medical Disclaimer: The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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  1. Ram Singh GUETABA says:

    Intéressant , Shakti pad est une phase terrible sur le sentier. On a besoin de ces méditations pour nous protéger. Merci

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