The Mighty Sun Gets Eclipsed by the Moon

solar eclipse

Excerpt from March 8, 1970 Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

The mightiest sun, which gives light to the entire world gets eclipsed by the moon. It is a phenomena, which one has to understand.

Moon would have been a dark piece, unknown to this world of ours, if the sun would not have been reflecting through it. Moon has no lights of his own. You can never have a mind, if you have no life force. Life energy forms the basis of your mental activity. There is none left in the world today to correlate these phenomenas. That’s why, we have gone into the darkest valley of rituals and unknown the truth to us. Otherwise all these phenomenas have meanings, significance, mind, moon, life, being, pursha, sun. They are correlative things. And it is the pursha, which is reflected through prakriti, the woman.

Male is projected through the female. How divine a relationship should be, can you imagine? When you think I am putting a restriction on somebody or doing this or doing that, I am not doing it, I am just telling you what the truth is. I am just telling you what a, what a sincere relationship can be, I am just asking you how truthfully happiness in the life can be achieved.

Sun pursha, woman, moon, prakriti are the same at different level of consciousness. Male and females on Earth. In the nature sphere, the higher sphere, it is the sun and the moon and in the higher astral subtle, it is the pursha and prakriti, very simple. I do not know why you misunderstand, religion was given. Religion is a vehicle, it is galaxy five hundred, it is Lincoln, they are all Ford company cars. Aren’t they? They are meant to sit in and reach destination. What a fool we are, we have forgotten the destination, we are fighting on the car. Car has become important, destination has gone away.

The holy men, the God men, they came here and told you certain facts, made you certain do things and give you certain realization and they wanted you to improve and do something within this life pattern. They went away, you made rituals, you are protestant, you are catholic, you are a Hindu, you are a Sikh, you are a Jain, you are this, you are a Buddhist, you are… All joke. Arey, what it matters, which religion you have? I don’t understand that. What it matters at all? If you are not a good man, what it matters to you, to which religion you belong to? Does that mean a word to anyone? What is the achievement? What is the big idea to joining a college or a school, if you are unable to get that one little paper that is a degree? And what is the use of coming to this Earth, if you have not realized your personality? What for you have come to this Earth? Does this Earth mean to you a bit? You are a living load.

Personality, who you are, what you are, how important you are and how much you have to go.

I said, “Vacation from your spirit, on your spiritual path, you seek vacation on this path? All right, you will be totally vacant there will be nothing left in you. You want a vacation from your spirit, from your soul, from yourself, from your guidance, from your environmental raising your consciousness, you want vacation on this path there is no vacation. Either get going or it is vacant.” And that pursha, that divine creative power, which created this prakriti, created this sun, this moon, that mighty sun, just in summer, which can burn you up and in winter you feel the cold, get caught with that tiny little moon and there is a eclipse. When you clearly watch this phenomena happening, same thing happens on the Earth, here. One is eclipsed by the negativity of the other. Moon is not a transparent thing, it is a opaque solid thing, it has come before (?).

Clouds they come block the sun, that mighty sun for which this entire prakriti is in existence because that sun is there and these others are there because of him and look at their way, they block him. That is our negative ego too. Among us that entire universe exists. Our sun, our zeal, our wisdom, our awareness is blocked by the clouds of ego and the moon of mind block it. Love of God we know not. And we fall towards maya. Shape of maya we know not, it is a endless hassle. It is a deep valley of death from where nobody has ever come, nobody knows where it is. Height is there we are afraid because we don’t want to go, it is a hard way. Down below is a pain and it is endless.

In reality our soul does tell us, go. But this lazy self merged in ego, not this lifetime, next lifetime as you are the registrar of the lifetime. You have got a visa that valid for six times. Your own name you do not know. Somebody gave you a name and you are what you are. You don’t have a name, do you know that? Have you ever meditated on this thought, you don’t have a name? You have a ego. What is a Yogi Bhajan? It is a name, given to me, it is not me. I never gave this name to me. This prakriti, this universe want to recognize itself with me. So it names me, that becomes the identity. How mighty a personality, a phenomena may be, the name given to that phenomena has a effect and because the Creator of this entire phenomena is that truth, so we name Him SatNam, otherwise, He is not our cousin brother and Sat Nam is not a religion and the children of the Aquarian Age does not belong to group, section and watertight compartments. They shall never be in a position to learn and feel happy, which binds them. That is why that pursha, that creative being, that glory of that divine, we call Him Sat Nam. We name Him, as we have been named and this is also a way to personify personally with that image.

Second phenomena is what is a Nam? It is a muttering Sat NamSat NamSat Nam? No, it is not muttering. It is a process of creating those vibrations in which your identity becomes totally eliminated and you become vast into that universal energy and this Sat Nam is a recognization of that effect you belong. It is lifting you from the Earth physically from a limited recognized capacity into a unknown Infinity of the universe.

What we are asking? Give us money. Now what you will do? Give us comfort, what you will do? Nothing can give you contentment I can tell you basic pointblank. You try your level best, head down, legs up nothing is going to give you contentment, because reality is nothing belongs to you and you are a nothing. That’s the truth. You are being channelized and when you are passed through a tight channel, which makes you pure, you feel the pain of the pressure and that time you do not know, it is the calling from the soul to go to the Infinity. But you care for your attachments. Nothing can happen, tell me what can happen?

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