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Excerpts from a lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, given at Oakland Community College, Farmington, Michigan, 3/24/72

This evening I will touch on only one topic: Infinity of the human mind in relationship to his activity.

Suppose you practice Sat Nam and you have satya—the basic energy to relate to that Infinity, then under any circumstances and under any impact on your subconscious, the sound current of Sat Nam should be automatic in you.

If you can get up at 3:00 a.m. and you feel that you are part of the Cosmos and Cosmos is part of you, then you lean on the vibratory effect of your self-creativity as an individual in finite mind to relate to the infinite mind. And you feel those vibrations in you. As a unit light, you feel the beam of the light around you. Then energy-wise you are not going to get weaker; your mind will be very sharp. You will reach the stage of knowing the unknown.

We affect the total Universe and the total Universe affects us; therefore, one has to feel that the entire Universe in creative form is with us, which we call God, because we are created creatures. As long as you are a created creature on this planet, as long as the breath of life has a link with you, you are a part of the beauty of the whole Universe and the whole Universe is a part of you, and this has to be understood.

The known unknown is with you: known you, the unknown which breathes in you. Many of you do not consciously believe it but unconsciously you breathe, and the breath is link of life. Basically, man has to free himself. The soul is free. It cannot be subject to anything else other than through the Creator, the Cosmos, the consciousness—you call it God, the generating principle, organizing principle and destroying principle.

If in meditation, we can sit down and feel we are vibrating a signal to the Infinity and receiving back the contact, if you get to do it constantly for a solid fifteen minutes, you will feel how beautiful, how light, how enjoyable you are.

What keeps me going? That’s a simple question. If I can calm myself, pull myself down to the extent of the sound current of Wahe Guru, I feel I am part of the ecstasy of the Universe and Universe is part of me. And if you can lean on that sound, this sound of bliss and joy, a beej mantra; or you can feel in you the satya, and you can relate to the sound of Sat Nam—Nam means noun, identity, your identity, your identity is a part of the totality; then you can recharge yourself into that higher vibratory system and it can keep you going.

In one breath when you inhale, you say Sat Nam—in me is the existence of the truth. And you exhale and you say Wahe Guru—I am in ecstasy of that greatness. You run your mind with the cycle of that breath. It doesn’t take a long time to understand that you are in the stage of ecstasy and you have rebuilt your own self. And thus you can capture your mind and subconsciousness into the lotus self of purity. You will have a fragrance in you. As in the rose there is a fragrance, in your human body there shall be a beauty which shall be felt in a vibratory effect by all the people.

And if behind it there is truth, satya, it will lead to the state of activity where you can affect the consciousness of the fellow being towards the Creator, the Cosmos, the infinite guru of all gurus, the God of God, the Creator, the architect, the designer of this being, the being of the being we call karta purakh.

Your life has to move; ups and downs are always going to come and follow you. Clouds mean sunshine tomorrow and sunshine means clouds today. Nobody can guarantee that you are not going to have a wave life. Life is a wave, it’s a vibration; breath goes in, goes out, that’s how you live. Life has to pass through clouds to enjoy the sunshine. it has to be in sunshine to have the clouds.

If you know wisdom and you experience it in you, then it becomes your knowledge, gian, and it is that gian which can hold your mind. You have to know this technical know-how from somewhere. For what? For relating to your own mental stability. So it depends upon the man himself, how much he can vibrate and get his mind together in the form of his own ecstasy.

It is sharing of this knowledge which is important. The more awareness people will have, the brighter they shall be, and the more contentment they will have, because they will feel they are part of Infinity; they are not limited. Your misery starts when you feel limited, “O God, what I can do? I am stuck.” You are never stuck. Who tells you you are stuck. Work your mind at that time. Mind is a part of Infinity in you and without mind you are useless. You have soul, you have body and if your mind is off, you are mentally ill. Your mental potentiality is always Infinity, that’s why they call the mind the onion: you rip off layer after layer, after which comes nothing.

Mind has to be controlled by the will, the will of your higher self. And you can only realize the higher self if you reach the state of, “Wow!”—that you are a part of Infinity; you are not limited.

You can lose the watchfulness of your higher consciousness and that creates a heavy karma. Sequence shall lead to consequences, cause shall lead to effect, and you can trap your own beauty in existence in life by your own unthoughtful existence.

A man has to come in balance with his own mental vibratory effect in relation to his existence on this planet. The Infinite is part of you. And this total tuning up of the mind can be achieved by leaning on the holy naam, that sound current which you can re-open to your mind as it takes you to Infinity.

You can sit down and with your total energy you can be in the mind to the part of the Infinity and relish in you the sound, the Shabad, Wahe Guru, and you can come out saying Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru. You have seen that existence beyond the limit of the physical. When the known experiences the light of the Infinite—the unknown, the known and unknown become one. Then the light becomes light of the Universe and Universe starts showing the radiance and this state of consciousness belongs to all.

That is why Guru Nanak said, “One who does it gets it.”

It is the doing which gets you. You want to buy it; it is not going to work out. Buy the technical know-how, but do it yourself. It is very essential and yesterday has already passed. It is now you should start, so that tomorrow may be beautiful and fulfilled.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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