Minister Training India Yatra 2014


February 16-26, 2014

Join us for this intimate experience in the Guru’s Land, connecting with your inner longing to serve humanity as a Minister of Sikh Dharma. Fall in Love again with the Guru.


We experience the Golden Temple, immerse ourselves in the healing space of Guru Ram Das, merge with the Shabd Guru. Walk where the Gurus walked, hear their stories, dwell with their Subtle Bodies.


In the Home of the Khalsa, City of Bliss, and at Yogi Bhajan’s beautiful Dashmesh Sadan, we explore the 10th Masters’ Land and values. We learn ceremonies and protocols for a Minister; exploring what it means to be a Minister of Sikh Dharma. (

This Yatra is for Ministers of Sikh Dharma (new or experienced), those thinking of becoming a Sikh Dharma Minister, or those who wish to learn about Sikh Dharma in a unique way.

Yatra led by MSS Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa ( Cost: $1600 all inclusive except airfare & personal transport.

Find out more on the ministry website

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