Mother Earth: Feel It, Dream It, Personify It

Portrait of Yogi Bhajan, 1973.


Excerpted from ‘Survival Camp’ lecture, given on August 9, 1989 at Ram Das Puri, New Mexico, U.S.A. by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

After all, everything in this earth is nothing but Prana. The living of you is a Prana, living on the earth is a Prana and the Guru which is the source of light and knowledge and enlightenment is also Pavan. ‘Pavan Guru Pani Pita Mata Dharat Mahat’ (Air is the Guru, Water is the Father, and Earth is the Great Mother of all).

Put both your hands on the floor, watch what happens. And just close your eyes, just experiment and deep breathe, just, just deep breathe. Just deep breathe for a few minutes, you don’t have to ask anybody, just earth, Mata Dharat, the earth, the mother. Touch it, feel it. And now bring this mother its love, its affection, its totality in you. Drink it. Drink it through the touch.

It’s not a gimmick, it’s a reality. Bring all the energy, the health. You know, it has power and power and power in it. It revolves on its axle in harmony for you and it goes on its orbit in peace and tranquility, it is your Mother Earth, so feel it, ask it, dream it, personify it. But with the breath of life. Deeper, deeper, stronger and stronger, to feel it. I know the floor is cold but Mother Earth can give you all the warmth you need.

Now inhale deep and put these two hands you have put on earth on your heart center, please, same two hands, just tell your heart center, inhale deep, deep and call on God in the sound for which God is always answering. Saaaaat Naam.

Inhale deep, deeper each time [continue five times].

Now touch the hands on the earth again, feel it again. Just feel that the earth is giving you all what it has.

Get the energy, apply your mind, become one with the Mother Earth, that Ek Ong Kar, that oneness, believe in it. Trust yourself, believe yourself and enrich yourself with the energy right now.

Now inhale deep, put both hands on your forehead, please, where you think your third eye is, don’t worry, lock it perfectly. Feel the energy in you.

[A tape of ‘Wahe Guru, Sat Nam, Sat Nam Ji…’ is played]. Click here to listen to this version of Waheguru Simran by Singh Kaur.

Inhale deep and touch the earth again, the biggest diamond producer, emerald, ruby producer, food and energy producer, the Mother Earth, the giver of all power and forces. Everything which exist is the byproduct of the very charity of the Mother Earth and its recycling of the energy. Feel very pleasant, feel very rich.

There is nothing good and bad, thinking makes it so. Thinking means processing your conscience, your love. Love has no price. Those who put a price on love do not understand what they are missing.

Now keep your eyes closed, and hold the hand of the person near you. Hold it. meditate, be solid and now hypnotize yourself and process yourself in hypnotic state to do exactly what the tape says. Take it as a command from Almighty God and just go with it, flow with it. Don’t resist.

[A tape of ‘Walking up the Mountain’ is played]. Click here to listen to the song ‘Walking Up the Mountain’ by Guru Dass Singh.

Please hold each other’s hands, feel the energy in one link and then bring both hands to your heart center and put it there. Make your spine straight, bring your hand to your heart, feel it in you. Hypnotically go through the words of this.

[A tape of ‘The only education that I learn’ is played]

[A tape of the ‘Promises are hard to make…’ is played]

Please touch your foreheads with your both hands, contemplate this rate.

[A tape of ‘Bring your troubles to me….’ is played] 42

Sit in a frog pose, challenge is challenge. Oh God. Touch the earth, frog never dies, all it needs is a rain, touch the earth and feel the Infinity. Both hands, flat on the ground, Mother Earth. The jewels of jewels, energy of all energies, power of powers, carry you, stand you, give you the comfort of the day and bountiful rest of the night. Feel that rest in your heart, that power of calmness, quietness, tranquility, the deep peace and the reality. Now heal yourself, heal yourself well, feel the healing power coming from the Mother Earth, with the divine nature and heal. Get all the energy you will need it in seconds.

Class to attention, up. Square to right turn. Square to right turn. Ready for about turn. Good.

Put your hand on your heart, stand in pair, one hand. Stand attention, absolutely perfect, stand at ease. Now the hands up. Eyes closed, now steady your balance on both your feet, correct your spine.

[A tape of ‘Dehe Shiva Bar Mohe Ehe…’ is played] Listen to many versions of the shabad Dehe Shiva Bar Mohe courtesy of SikhNet.

Stand to order, attention. Class dismissed.

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