Give God a Chance

Portrait of Yogi Bhajan, 1980.

Excerpted from a lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on April 25, 1997. Published in The Master’s Touch

You are always afraid of tomorrow. “Should I become a Yoga Teacher? We will be poor. We will die hungry. My spouse will leave me. Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da.” This is what you do. But if you just think, “God has guided me to this. I’m going to grab it. Unto God it is.” Give God a chance to work, then see what happens.

That’s why Guru Nanak said:

Dukh parhar sukh ghar lai jaa-eh.

– Japji Sahib, 5th Pauree

Give your worries, pain, misfortune, anything, to God, and take happiness, joy, and smiles back to your home. What do you have God for if He cannot take care of Itself? Do you have God for suffering? There’s no such God who suffers. You suffer. Give your suffering to God and enjoy your life . . .

To a yogi, the pair of opposites do not affect; neither good nor bad means a thing. Every coin has two sides to it – heads and tails. If you don’t understand, you will fail. Bad things do not stop you, and good things should not shake you . . .

The student only has to do one thing. He comes and says, “Maestro, this is my problem.” All you have to say is, “Guru Ram Das will solve it – now go home.” If the person trusts, it shall be solved. If the person does not trust, it won’t be solved. If he or she wants to get it solved, she doesn’t even come. She says, “Guru Ram Das, solve my problem.” It will be solved. It is so fast.

The words “Guru Ram Das” are the code number of God. Don’t you understand that? “Ram” means God. “Das” means servant. When a servant of God is summoned by you, God says, “Who? What? Where? Why?” and job is done . . .

You have to learn one thing: if you cannot take tomorrow on your shoulders with your character, and with your commitment, you won’t enjoy life.

“Oh, we are German.” So what? I told all the Germans last time I was in Hamburg, “You have tried to conquer the world twice, and you got beaten. This time conquer the world with Kundalini yoga – you will never be defeated.”

“Oh, we are French.” Are you ever a human? Are you ever people of God? End this, otherwise it will end you. You have sixteen years. Prepare yourself and enter the Age of Aquarius, or destroy yourself and be lost. We are five years into the Aquarian Age, and the next five years you’ll see how empty-minded people will be. It’s already happening. People will become computers, and computers will become people.

The time is now and now is the time. For prosperity, it is your openness, it is your smile, and it is your greetings which can bring the world to you. Go, grow, and glow, and serve the world, today and tomorrow. Share their sorrow.  Make them healthy, happy and holy, and drop your personal agenda – God will take care of you when you take care of people.

This is Raaj Yog. It is an Imperial Yoga. It is the path of a sage and a soldier. The mission is serving people in peace and defending his or her honor. Do not feel sour. Do your part, and leave the rest to God.

“What should we do? What will happen to me? I can’t think. I have no answer. I don’t know.” Are you kidding? That’s not your job. Just know your Guru. It doesn’t matter how bad, ugly, naughty you are, He’s going to take you through. No guilt . . .

Things are changing. Now before they eat something, people want to read the label. Nobody just grabs it, buys it, and brings it home. Then they want to know, “How many calories does it have . . . is it organic or inorganic?” The world is changing – be part of that changing world. Be part of me, I’ll be part of you. Let us serve the Age of Aquarius. Get rid of any fear you have. Get ready for service. Carry on. Be the flag bearer.

The Master’s Touch: On Being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age 

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

This book contains the lectures and meditations the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan taught during his Master’s Touch courses in July 1996, in Espanola, New Mexico and in April 1997, in Assisi, Italy. They are presented here as a resource for all people on a spiritual path looking to open new doors, to stretch or challenge themselves. Yogi Bhajan explains in Master’s Touch lectures the importance of spiritual discipline in facing the challenges of life. And most of all, he sets a blueprint of what it means to be a true and sacred spiritual teacher for this New Age, the Age of Aquarius.

‘The Master’s Touch’ is available to purchase through the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)

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