My Experience of Shabad Guru


Written by Karta Purkh Kaur

The Shabad Guru stole my heart 5 years ago and has kept it ever since. With my heart strings belonging to the Guru, my life, personality, karma and being have transformed and continue to transform in ways I never thought possible. My vibrations have raised to allow my souls destiny to shine through. It all started with the bliss I immediately found listening to and chanting Gurbani. Part of this is replacing destructive thoughts with the high vibrational naad contained in the Shabad Guru. Then there is Naam simran which can heal the toughest, densest of moments. Singing kirtan, I notice with each shabad I learn in raag, another part of my self is shed and lifted to experience a new aspect of my divinity. Even without knowing the meaning of the words, there is an intuitive download of experience being taught through the sound current, and it drops me to my knees in humble submission, every time. Shabad Guru is my living guru, and with Shabad Guru I am never alone or left in the dark.

JapJi is the bani I come to each morning upon rising. I come to the JapJi in many forms. Many forms of thought and ego often color my presence or non-presence before beginning to recite. As this lowly form allows JapJi to spill into her, a battle ensues. Higher vibrations come into this form and bring waves and clouds swirling around my resistances. Eventually, around the 18th Pauri- 26th Pauri, the Naad of the sweet Gurbani fully balances and establishes herself in every fiber of my being. I sit spilling the ambrosial words with my tongue and through my lips, in a space that is neither here nor there. My body levitates in a dimension where a beautiful hum is all there is.

This beautiful hum nurtures my mind, raises my state and turns my skin into a fuzzy sensation of one-ness with the space around me. All inverts itself into this hum which becomes the bliss of existence as the Gurbani holds this state together like the glue that unglues anything that is not True. Every morning She never fails to surprise me with her depth, persistence and strength to break through whatever stubborn mold I bring her. My morning bliss is truly the honey on the pooh bears lips, ambrosial liquid essence.

When blessed by a morning hukam, I am uplifted to a place of humble devotion. I most often must sing shabad afterwards, the only way to express the depth of devotion inside that feels like it wants to explode in Divine Love. The Guru often reminds me that my thoughts and daily duties must remain meaningless in the face of Truth, that if I chant God’s name in the vibration of my being, my mind will remain with God and not flutter away with all that is unimportant. Every morning hukam, with this reminder, seems to break all attachments and leaves me with my head bowed at the foot of the Guru. We have been so blessed to be offered Guru’s wisdom and Naad, which transform us into the Divine if we simply open our hearts and offer our heads. Wahe Guru

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  1. Thank you. I myself joined this Dharma thanks to the Naad and you have put into words something many of us have experienced and also that leads many to want more of this experience. Blessings. Sat nam.

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