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Growing up as a second generation 3HO Sikh, I was always attracted to our large family of services, ashrams and organizations. Going to school in India was paramount to my foundation and the time of my life, so it just seemed natural to work for Miri Piri Academy after graduating.

From there I was attracted to the work of Sikh Dharma International through Dasvandh, its tithing program. The idea of giving 1/10th of your time, projection and even finances to the infinite made so much sense and I wanted to know more and be right in the center of it. I came on as the Dasvandh Director in 2008 and 2009 and was rewarded by getting to know so many of you and likewise was inspired by this large Sikh Dharma family and all the ways the message of Guru Nanak is being spread and represented around the world.

Having children took me away from the work place and occupied and fulfilled my life like nothing else can, or I expect ever will. I started working again but not with our family of organizations and instead on my own. If you’ve run a business or two or three, then you know just how rewarding and challenging it can be. Suffice to say; you learn a whole lot and not always what you thought you’d learn.

Last November I found myself stuck in a spiritual, professional and financial rut. You could very well say that I was a bit lost and basically overwhelmed by the suffocating circumstances of a failing business.

Sometimes it’s those seemingly insurmountable and stressful situations that can re-inspire and pull out the best in us. It was this phenomenon that somehow got me to commit to starting a 40 day practice of Subagh Kriya even though I hadn’t been doing my Sadhana for months.

Within a week of doing the meditation, my work situation got turned upside down and the inevitable came to a crashing and immediate head. This wasn’t an easy or even happy time. It was stressful beyond belief but it was change and it was immediate and some part of me knew it was imperative and would ultimately be positive.

It was movement and I knew it was Subagh Kriya at work because it wasn’t my first time delving into this power house Kriya. I kept up with it, even though my schedule got even crazier. I had to figure out how to transition out of my current situation and then, hopefully sooner than later, find a new one that could fulfill my financial needs and also serve my spirit.

On the 39th day I sent out my resume to some contacts I had, not knowing if any jobs were even available. I received a response back within 5 minutes of sending out my inquires and was hired a week later!

I now find myself working with an amazing group of individuals that work together to spread the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib on Sikh Dharma. I feel blessed in so many ways and feel the hand of good fortune.

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  1. Swami Dev Singh Khalsa says:

    In early 2012, I put my Mom’s house on the market. At first, I received nothing but low offers. I then started doing the first part of Subagh Kriya 3 minutes each day. Within a few days, I sold the house for $5,000 less than my asking price! I had no previous real estate experience, nor did I engage a realtor, nor did I even put put a “For Sale” sign! A realtor/builder knocked on the door one or two days after I started the meditation, asked if by any chance the house was for sale, and then wouldn’t leave me alone until I sold him the house! The sale price went up rapidly within a few days because a couple that lived one street over sent me a letter asking if the house was for sale, and then they and the realtor/builder started bidding against each other! I barely had to do anything other than meditate; the house virtually sold itself.

    After my success in selling the house, I started doing the meditation for 11 minutes daily, and still am. I will quite likely continue it for the rest of my life, so impressed was I with the results. Siri Singh Sahib said that each part can be done for either 3 or 11 minutes daily; he said, “More than 11 minutes is greed. If you do it more than 11 minutes, you will get too rich.”
    Blessings and Prosperity (Pro-Spirituality) to all,

    Singh Sahib Swami Dev Singh Khalsa

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