Siri Singh Sahib ~ Dasvandh Lecture


Siri Singh Sahib Jii 12/31/1987

“There’s a word in Sikh Dharma and it’s a very beautiful word, It’s called Bheta. Bheta means offering. Charity or Dhan means what you give. Dhan means charity. Dhan, you give to the lower than you. Dhan you give to the needy. Charity you do with the needy or you share with others. Bheta is, you give to the superior. Offering when you are in a state, you bring an offering to the King. We bring our offering to the Guru.

Key to prosperity in Sikh Dharma is Nam Japo… meditate at the ambrosial hours. Dharma ke kirat karo. Let the action be according to righteousness and dictate of the Dharma. Vand Chako share with others in equal partnership. Rehit kamao, live by the instructions of the Guru. Seva sim balao, serve those who need to be served.  You go before the King, you go before the Guru and you offer yourself. That is offering, Bheta.  Dhan you give away the money, you give away the charity, you give here, you give there, and everybody is taken care of. But, fortunately for Sikh he offers himself under all circumstances in readiness, in alertness, in activity. While he sleeps he’s ready; while he’s awakened he’s ready; while he’s  working  he’s ready; while he’s not working he’s ready.  He’s ready to help the universe because he’s the King of the universe. A  King serves his domain. We offer ourselves, to the creation of God.

So what is the purpose of life? Offer yourself to the consciousness, and the consciousness offers you to the universe.”

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