Quotes About Business and Prosperity

Yogi Bhajan-Lectures

“Business is not a puppetry of emotions.  It’s not a drama of feelings. And it’s not a drama of ego. Business is a pure sense of purity. It’s very meditative living if you really want to know. The reality is you have to be one step ahead.”  Yogi Bhajan

“You want to know the key to success? Simple – don’t walk on others. Don’t step on others’ toes. Carry others, carry people with you, above you; God shall carry you.”  –Yogi Bhajan


“You must understand when somebody talks to you, if you are not willing to hear them out, you are foolishly going for an unsuccessful future. The first principle of success is, when somebody is talking, hear it. Don’t interrupt. Let him complete the sentence; hear him properly. When they are done and you are asked to speak, do not answer the question if you cannot uplift the person. If your answer uplifts that person, you shall be prosperous.”  –Yogi Bhajan

“In the worst scenario, sit down, close your eyes and talk to your own soul, spirit. The moment that becomes your attitude, all things you need in life shall come to you.  –Yogi Bhajan

“Nobody in his personal identity can find infinity, but everybody who is in love and guides and goads themselves with a discipline shall definitely reach that ultimate end of life. That is self-fulfillment. And when you are self-fulfilled then you have gratitude and that gratitude will bring you prosperity.”
–Yogi Bhajan 1/20/1999 (YB Teachings, LLC)

“However things go, you must remain calm, quiet and peaceful. That peace is the source of prosperity. Self-containment is the art of prosperity and it is the highest spiritual strength. There is nothing to match it.”

–Yogi Bhajan 12/1/01 (YB Teachings, LLC)


Live with applied consciousness, prosperity will break through the walls, you will be flooded with it. You do prayer when you are in difficulty; pray when you are not in difficulty, that’s the attitude of gratitude.

–Yogi Bhajan 8/31/91 (YB Teachings, LLC)

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