Radiant Spiritual Beauty

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By Sewa Singh Khalsa

I have read a number of definitions of the word “beauty.” They suggest that beauty is a combination of qualities that give intellectual, physical, or moral pleasure or satisfaction, or that exalt the mind or spirit. Most people would agree to this, but how exactly does one arrange for this combination of qualities and why would this arrangement exalt the spirit?

I would suggest that beauty is actually anything that reminds us of the true Infinite origin of the nature of existence. When we feel the presence of the Infinite and our Unity with that Infinity, then we are experiencing beauty. We are attracted to beauty because it reminds us of our Infinite origins. It momentarily re-blends us with the basic elements of our own substance and the Infinite nature of that mysterious substance. The magnetism that exists at the atomic level pervades our experience. The push and pull of that force is a reminder to us of the Infinite nature of the Creation.

In a very real sense beauty is synonymous with consciousness. The more conscious we are that we are creatures created by an Incomprehensible Creator, the more perfect is the beauty we perceive. The more beauty we perceive, the more beauty we project. Our internal experience of consciousness is the lens by which our radiance is projected to the world around us. If we are imbued internally with the consciousness of sacred beauty, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are congruently charged with that radiance.

The old saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is true in its original context but it also holds a deeper meaning. Beauty is effectively projected by the one who beholds it as well.  See beauty in everything by dwelling on the beauty of the sacred sounds within the mind and the Light that is then generated will shower those around you with a beautiful glow.

Radiant Spiritual Beauty belongs to the one who sees beauty in all things and remembers the Divine Origin of that beauty within, with each breath. Accepting the perfection of the Creation as it is expressed within your own being allows the beauty of the external world to be revealed in its extraordinary splendor.

The greatest barrier to our manifestation of Radiant Beauty is the body of self-critical messages we may sometimes carry from our past. Release yourself from these limitations using the sacred process of Nam Simran, the internal repetition of, and concentration on, sacred sounds coordinated with the breath. This, combined with the technology of deep relaxation, has the power to expand our energetic structure, allowing the Love-Light of Beauty to circulate and radiate like a soft, warm breeze around each cell of our beings.

Recognize that Radiant Beauty is your natural state. Choose to dwell in the grace of your splendor; bless yourself and everyone around you. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but radiant beauty flows from the heart of the soul that remembers its Divine Origin.

Sewa Singh Khalsa


This article was originally shared by 3HO

Sewa Singh Khalsa is one of Yogi Bhajan’s early students. He has acted as a counselor for many couples and individuals, basing his approach purely on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. He is also an accomplished artist.  He lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife, Sewa Kaur.  The artwork used in this post, and much artwork on this website, is by Sewa Singh.  More of his art can be found on www.sikhphotos.com.


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  1. It may come late but it may come proper.
    I am just reading these word’s and I am so happy to read them. I will print this and share for all the greatness they contain.
    Much thanks
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