Meditation at Xiamen First Middle School


Provided by Gurubachan Singh

(Seva translation by Ms. Chen Yichen)

In the afternoon of March 29th, Gurubachan Singh accepted the invitation of Xiamen First Middle School and presented a splendid speech to senior high school students who are enduring great pressures of preparing for university entrance examinations. Those students were all amazed at the first glance of the appearance of yogi master Gurubachan Singh, not because of his long beard which seemed to be irrigated by the water of wisdom, but also from his extraordinary height which is over two meters and far surmounts the average person.

Although it was the first experience for them to practice the yogic meditation, they were very interested and followed the yoga master’s instruction into the fantastic meditative world. The principle of kundalini yoga is to embrace the life with breath, and bring back the life energy though breathing.  Gurubachan guided the students to experience the meditation himself.  In the nourishing of the graceful foreign music, students straightened their spine, closed their tired eyes, and took deep breaths following the yogi master’s rhythm.  Finally they found themselves in the green grassland and fantastic jungle, happily leaving all the heavy studies burdens behind, just hearing their balanced breathing, enjoying their own relaxed time.

Great thanks to Gurubachan and kundalini yoga which gave us a fantastic experience.

—— From the report of the moral educationand counseling center of Xiamen First Middle School. 2014/3/31

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