Poota Mata Ki Asees – 4 of 7

Here are musical versions of the Shabad ‘Poota Mata Ki Asees’ by Guru Arjan Dev ji!  This Shabad is the mother’s prayer for her child to have a saintly and long life.

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Blessing of Bibi Bhani 

‘Poota Mata Kee Aasees’ is prayer that a mother makes to her child to develop his or her highest potential as a spiritual being. This mantra may provide a high vibration of protection everywhere the child goes. The lines in the prayer are by Bibi Bhani, the mother of Guru Arjan Dev. Guru Arjan Dev was the son of Guru Ram Das, and his mother spoke this beautiful blessing to him one day before he was Guru, to keep him safe on a journey.

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