Siri Singh Sahib Birthday


SSS 64th Birthday Party August 28, 1993 Espanola, NM

We are Americans and we are here from last twenty-five years. Our proportion of losing children to drugs and to other activities has increased by thirty-seven percent. Our tragedies with our ladies excuse me, we feel the, it is a year of the woman and everything is happening right has increased by eleven percent. Our families have departed and has parted and we have broken hearts and we have homeless and we have many things.

Today I am sixty-four, it doesn’t matter. I will exactly do what I have done for all these years. If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all and I don’t care what philosophy in psychology you are going to learn but one thing you have to learn, drop your pain pick up somebody’s, God will pick up yours. It’s a very good bargain, that’s what I did.

I came to United States with thirty-five dollars I still have it. I am not going to lose it and I am grateful to President Clinton, he has raised my taxes to the amount, it can feed three families but I don’t mind that. If four trillion dollars national debt can be (?) from us America we will be proud Americans. If we all can live and I have to share a place, where some homeless can have home, some jobless can have job and some poor can sleep well and if some people can be given a meal and some money can be spend but also some money has to be earned to be spend and I am a very grateful to the Sikh Community, to the religious community of the world and to everybody that they have recognized that a single man can make change in a country, if you choose it so.

Bruce and I met many years ago and the way he hugged me, it overtook me. And word friend means, you never offend a friend, doesn’t matter what, cost has no meaning and we have been friends since then. And Alice is the cute lady and she is the only one who I admire in the sense doesn’t matter what. She understand a child loss is a soldier loss, a executive loss, a home lost and the future lost and I, she understand that a child three million children we loose every year, it’s not a small amount.

In the sixties when I started it was a single man crusade against drugs, I dragged my heels for it and I found in Tucson drugless rehabilitation program where we served young people. I am a father of the Woodstock Nation now, it’s not a one corner in the world, where, ‘I met you in (?) you changed my life,’ I don’t know their name, I don’t recognize their faces and once a while I say and when I am traveling in first class, “Where are you working?”

“I am a chief executive in such and such corporation, you don’t recognize me?”

I said, “Well you know, I am very grateful that you have recognized me.” My only request to you all is, I became American, many of you are Americans and we have to pull it together as Americans, nobody is going to come, no congress can make us and no government can save us. It is only we the people of America, as we started writing on that paper has to say, ‘we the people of America shall serve and save America till our last breath at every cost,’ and that’s the only way to go and that’s the religion and that’s the way we have to feel and that’s the way we have to understand. It cannot be that we can prolong, delay and just think, it is not my home, if the neighbor is fired fire, there is no distance to you, you all have to understand as American, as a nation, as people. America gave you prosperity, you have to give America priority and that’s what America needs today.

I am very grateful to God and to the blessing of all the people that I will have few years to serve and I am going to do much more work than I have done. Because there is a much more pain and much more need to fill in the gap. You as Americans have to make a pledge that you will give hour to hour a day to help the fellow Americans. It’s not that my richness of spirit, of mind and of my body and my possessions means anything but also it’s the width and the large heart and the kind, and the compassionate attitude of a human which can make the difference. We are democrats, we are republicans, we are people of this land called America, only what I say to you one day you migrated, you needed America, today America needs you. Thank you and God bless you.

We will be very fortunate and please share the cake, it is going to be very well done and it is healthy.

And also taste good. It will be not wrong to introduce you (?) American with pride, she is six foot two tall and she is the spirit and she is the premier and the secretary general of the Sikh Dharma. I was talking about neglectful about ladies and she is the real boss and we have done absolutely, arrogantly not to say word about her. I will call upon Mukhia Sardarni Sahiba Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa to come on the stage.

And I am very proud in my dreams and she has done a research on the children education so elaborately and so delicately that there is no doubt in my mind that future children will benefit. I am not asking that. Thank me much for this, I am not given a chance to even speak to you.

But all I am saying even work done in silence is graced by God’s will. So it was my acknowledgement of her what she has done. By herself she is educatedly educated and plus she is a champion in the National Defense and she looks six foot two tall and she is quite know how to do things and defend things and she comes from May Flower that ship came first traditionally American family and I am very grateful that she is here and Carmen could you come? Look at this fluffy hair and she is from Mehico and the world book fair the biggest book fair, she is the organizer, the director and in Guadalajara this woman is so proudly loved and successfully remembered and she creates miracle, she knows English, so she is understanding I am appreciating her.

It is amazing, if you go to Guadalajara the world book festival she organizes, it is amazing how the entire Spanish world and the Western World is connected at one place and she is the most successful woman I have met, who single handedly with (?) at night can produce what she produces for Mehico. Is that correct, I am pronouncing right?

And whatever the rate of peso is, she has found all the way in to say happy birthday. Correct, correct?

YB: Gracias. Thank you.

So I might have forgotten many people who through my sickness have helped me as friendly nurses, I am very grateful to those who have gone through this whole time voluntarily, the doctors and those doctors who allowed our doctors to be present at my operation time. I have never seen a collaboration and cooperation and comprehensive job done anywhere in the world, I am very grateful to each individual and specially no hospital will ever forget you because you send so many flowers and so huge that every night we were distributing and next morning there was not a place to keep them and many, many thanks for your prayers, only I can say, God is my witness, Guru is by standing by my side in His grace, all your best wishes maybe returned to you hundred thousand times by His will. Whatever you did for me as a man of God, as a man, as a living soul, as a person with good wishes. May all the goods of the world and goodness of the God come to you and to your family and may you be beautiful, bountiful and blissful forever. Sat Nam.

Student: I just like to take this opportunity to recognize our two other ladies who share the Siri Singh Sahib‘s birthday, the very special ladies, the first is Avneesh Kaur, who is the Siri Singh Sahib‘s daughter-in-law, if she could come up with her new born baby and receive flowers and the second is my mother Dr. Soram’s wife Kulwanth Kaur if she could also come up to receive flowers for her birthday.

Student: Happy birthday.

YB: Oh Kulwanth it is your birthday too? Oh I forgot I gave her a very good thrill.

And Annie can you stand up?

My idea, listen this is true, (?) is a very good jewel firm in Beverley Hill and they are really great and today a jeweler, a shopkeeper, a professional, a rich executive of his own firm, could sing the song, credit goes to that woman.

And ladies my saying is, if you want to change your husband as Alice has done as Anne has done and you have done and look at you, a ship is running around and Tom is running around, there is somebody winding the watch.

So I know normally ladies feel that they have very poor role but I tell you without woman God could not have created humanity, doesn’t matter how Almighty He is. It’s the end of the world and what a woman can do with a smile, man cannot do with a cannon. So…

I have a pretty good experience in my life because my life is gone through many, many ups and downs and I know standing together what it means because one plus one makes a two, but one and one makes a eleven and that is the mission, it’s a mission of endurance and tolerance and Alice I am very grateful to you what you are doing because every broken home is a black mark in the future of America, so whatever you are doing is really appreciated. Thank you very much and I think am I my, my role is over now?

YB: What are you doing now?

YB: Okay, okay, few things.

Student: (?) is one of the real choice of life and that has to give something back to the Siri Singh Sahib and as a director of the Sikh Community we have to decide what kind of gift to get for him and since he is sixty-four and should be retiring, we thought about one big (?).

But it didn’t quite fit because Siri Singh Sahib like governor of King, as long as they have breath to serve, they are not going to retire and so we thought about but we gave last year and for those who were here last year (?), I told you the story there is a top histories of the Sikh Gurus had commission and there were two of them that had been lost and we were very fortunate last year because we have found one of them and we gave them to the Siri Singh Sahib, so we didn’t know how we could surpass that and what we decided was let us find the other one and we found the other one and we would like to present you on behalf of the logo Sikh Sangat the last missing top history.

And not yet. One and the last gift that we are presenting from the ladies, from ladies camp and I would like to have Amrit Singh Khalsa come forward, Amrit Singh is a internationally acclaimed sculpturer and he is prepared on the half of the ladies camp, a special gift for the Siri Singh Sahib from the ladies.

YB: Thank you. That is to honor the female and I will be very, very grateful for this what you have done and I know you have given me so many, but this is what, this is my best choice. Thank you.

Student: And finally I would like to introduce to you one of the outstanding supervise workers of in the state of New Mexico Dr. Nicholas.

Student: Thank you and governor Mrs. King, (?) I wanted to know that you are not alone raise in that many republican here you know but rise in that many black (?) either you know. So you and I are on the same boat.

And the last March, last March the (?) New Mexico Martin Luther King holiday commission had given some award that to some of the people who helped us in New Mexico and among those people we had Mrs. King receive an award but she couldn’t make it either but the governor was there to accept the awards. She was giving the award that for what she have done in New Mexico for youth, for family and for children, most importantly there is something we (?) to say tonight about Mrs. King there is a division under the youth that is in charge of family preservation. This family preservation has elect to do we bringing family together, with keeping the family together, trying to preserve them, instead of breaking them apart and also you also eye part of that because tonight I am here not just to celebrate your birthday because when I look at everything here we also are celebrating life. We also are celebrating peace and we also are celebrating love. It’s to tell you Yogiji, you are love, peace, life for all of us and may God bless you.

YB: It’s my, my pleasure, you have wished me many, many happy birthdays, I in return pray to God, you get many, many happy birthdays and united family and cozy home and wonderful children, so that we all can enjoy our life. Thank you very much.

Lecture ©1993 – The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings®

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