Excerpts from Siri Singh Sahib Lecture on Guru Nanak

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You know why Guru Nanak says ‘I am the meanest of the meanest, lowest of the lowest, humblest of the humble, I know nothing, bah, bah, bah,’ because he see the infinite of the infinite, bigger of the bigger, and top of the top and everything. You know person who is a perfect actor in the circus can only act as a clown. A clown in a circus is professionally a top class member of the circus. You know what your problem is? You are neither a clown nor you are an actor, you are just an observer and you want to run the circus. What is your name? Your name is a game. What is your scheme? To run a team. Those who are part of the team are never part of the game, those who are part of the game can never be part of the team, those who are part of the team, survive doesn’t matter what, those who are part of the game will not survive doesn’t matter what. That’s the law I can’t change, you can’t change, God cannot change.

What is infinite truth? Man, God, nature, cannot change. God is merciful, God is kind, God is impotent, God is everything. Mother Nature spares none. She spanks the butts of those who even claim they are direct friend with God, they got God, they got everything. Mother Nature, just disobey one minute, you will be upside down next minute. Have the idea?

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Purpose to come on this earth is not to live and die; purpose is to come, live, and experience. That is what one line Guru Nanak said, the two sentences, “Nirbhao, Nirvar, Akal Murat.” It is a very qualifying purpose of life. Your life can be very steady and happy. You can create richness around you, mental, spiritual and physical, provided you understand that you have to create a balance as you go out, same way you go in. It is called mirror theory. If you stand before a mirror at three feet distance, in the mirror also, you’ll be at three feet distance. It is called equidistance image. Same way, in your life, if you go out and also you go within, you’ll create a balance which will give you very fulfilling experience, extremely fulfilling experience.

Excerpt from September 17, 1984

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And he tells the entire science of mind control but not by somebody, by yourself. You must control your mind. That’s not available. Then what is available? You do not relate to your Atma. Atma is called soul, your spirit. Source of spirit. It’s a nucleus of you. Atma is a nucleus of your life center. And if you do not have relationship with your Atma, you have no relationship with your Paramatma. You have no relationship with God. If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. When you are rude, you are angry. You have the right to be rude, angry, yell. All is admissible, provided it is to uplift somebody. If you are helping somebody, you are awakening somebody, you can do anything you can do to do a job. But you can’t talk down at people, yell and scream, fight and all that thing.

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