Siri Singh Sahib Ji Speaks about Winter Solstice


Excerpt from December 17, 1992 Meditation Course in Orlando by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Yes, Winter Solstice is the most beautiful human psyche. Actually these ten days you know, which starts on twenty second of December, ten days, actually these are the days when a person should celebrate because you change your oil in the body. The serum changes at summer solstice the blood changes and at the winter solstice time by the psyche because the electromagnetic field of the earth and the flare of the sun create the pranic value and that’s what it is. So these ten days are meant to eat right, light, and jubilant and be very happy, these days are for damn so that serum in the body you know the mucous membrane and the fluid in the body, that changes and in summer the chemistry of the blood changes. So that’s why there is a summer solstice and winter solstice, the most important thing and that’s why we celebrate, these are our two, we have made it a kind of religious thing to just celebrate and have fun and exercise and get together and feast. Just to live healthy. So that’s what all winter solstice. Winter solstice and summer solstice, two times you know, under our earth there is a huge iron field, it’s a magnetic field and that creates not enough energy but if the flare of the sun with the psyche and the earth psyche moves and that gives us the energy. That’s why early in the morning if you… If grass is wet you walk bare footed you’ll be very fresh. That’s why this winter solstice, where there is a beautiful snow you see, kids take those jump jacket, you know those whole thing together and they roll in the snow in the morning, you know bundles Kriya they call it, such kids never get weak in their life.

You go to the northern Europe you see the kids doing all the time and their mothers encourage it. “Na, Na, Na, come on, come on, come on, let’s, come with me.” And they take them all out and they all roll and they are very healthy.

There are things to do in life, like never get up from the bed without stretching your toes and having a cat and cow pose and do the whole thing. You know you wake up but your body didn’t wake up, so you have to wake up your body. You know you should take a massage and you know, acupuncture, you take that brush five-six dollars brush, you know that big one put on your hand and rub your body whole upside down under cold water and you will be shocked, there will no cold water after few minutes. You guys don’t like to have that cold water, we will enjoy it. We have cold, cold, cold water and it’s a fun. But you get lot to sweat in Florida, right, in summer, humid? So you get your dose, you are not out of that.

All this tropical changes and body changes, and magnetic changes and day and night changes is between the earth going on its orbit and on its axle. So is the human psyche. If you control it you can be very happy. We have the birthright to be happy and now let us pray. May the long time…

(Students sing May the long time sun shine upon you.)

Blessed God, give us peace of mind, peace in ourself and personality so we can remove our duality and live in our identity. In Thy grace we pray, make us healthy, happy and holy. Give us a chance to be beautiful, bountiful, and blissful so that we can enjoy the breath of life for Thy sake we pray. Sat Nam.

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