Staff Recommendations to Reduce Our Impact on Planet Earth

These are some of the steps that individuals on our staff are taking to reduce the impact on Planet Earth.   How are you making a difference?  We invite you to add to this list, in the comments section below, anything additional which you are doing to make a difference.

  • Recycling as much as possible at home and finding recycling bins when going out or traveling
  • Cloth napkins
  • Recycled paper/bamboo paper products (Napkins, TP – NRDC)
  • No plastic bags
  • using reusable bags for grocery shopping and other shopping
  • Using washable mesh bags for produce
  • Bringing reusable (stainless steel) water bottle on outings/ when traveling
  • Using reusable straws at home and compostable ones at restaurants
  • Toothpaste paste
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Silk dental floss in stainless steel container, which can be refilled
  • Biodegradable soaps/ transitioning to bar soap as opposed to soap in plastic bottles
  • Bar shampoo and conditioner, as opposed to liquid shampoo in plastic bottles
  • Biodegradable laundry soap in bag instead of bottle
  • Doing laundry in cold water (cuts down on C02 produced by hot and warm water laundry loads)
  • Using baking soda as laundry bleacher
  • Using environmentally-friendly dry cleaners
  • Canceling magazine subscriptions and subscribing to publications online instead
  • Vegetarian; making more vegan choices to reduce dairy consumption
  • Buying as much organic food and local food as possible
  • Choosing vegetables free from plastic packaging
  • Planning ahead and cutting down on food waste at home
  • Weekly meal prep, using glass containers for weekly lunch and stainless steal containers for weekly snacks
  • Dining out – having lunch at restaurants that only use organic food and support local farmers and providers, as well as the ones providing
  • Compostable/recyclable/reusable utensils, plates, napkins, straws and reusable to-go containers.
  • Biodegradable dog poop bags (also throw dog poop in toilet, not in trash)
  • Biodegradable dog shampoo
  • Nutritious dog food, without grains, hormones and colorants
  • Conscious purchasing – buying as little as we can in general – buying only what we really need
  • Choosing clothing made of natural fibers
  • Using a laptop instead of a desktop (uses less energy)
  • Turning off all lights when leaving the room at home
  • Lighting candles made of ghee and natural cotton thread
  • Reduced from two cars down to one
  • Own a Hybrid vehicle, which utilizes less fossil fuels
  • Doing as little air travel as possible, and when flying, purchasing direct flights whenever possible
  • Political action for the environment (participate in climate marches and joined the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, an interfaith group lobbying for politicians at the local and national level to take action on climate change)
  • Giving away cloth, clothes and old electronic items so they don’t end up in a landfill
  • Working completely electronically (no printouts and no physical files in my office

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