3H0 Luminary: Gloria Zacskai (Jagdeesh Kaur) – Croatia

A Kundalini pioneer, Jagdeesh Kaur writes about Kundalini Yoga in Croatian and helps serve as a translator to other Kundalini Yoga students, bridging the gap between English and Croatian, and helping many who otherwise would not have access to the teachings. She shares her story of service in this video.

Her desire is to spread Kundalini Yoga throughout the Balkan region. She has taught classes and workshops in Banja Luka, the capitol of Republika Srpska; in Serbia; in many cities in Croatia where she grew up; and now most regularly teaches classes in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital.

The war in the Balkans ended 25 years ago, but the after effects are still very much present in the society and culture: trauma, stress, high depression and anxiety rates, and an ever growing presence of pharmaceuticals as the primary coping strategy.  People are eager for solutions that will help them reduce their stress and feel happier, and Kundalini Yoga improves people’s lives in a palpable and dramatic way.


3H0 Luminary Program

The 3HO Luminaries Program brings extraordinary Kundalini Yogis serving underserved communities around the world to Summer and Winter Solstice.

By honoring these Luminaries, 3HO seeks to create lasting connections between teachers, encourage seva as the highest state of mind and spirit, and strengthen 3HO communities around the globe.

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