The Capacity of the Shabad Guru

“If in subtlety you become very refined and in activity you become very subtle, you are very near to your soul because there is a direct relationship between the Subtle Body and the spiritual body. The spirit and the Subtle Body are very much related; they never leave each other. So anything which is refined—refined art, refined acts, refined speech which is not gross—will put you nearer to the soul. That is a rather simple way of reaching your God consciousness.”
Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan (May 27, 1981)

The Shabad Guru (an infinite universal sound current) gives us tremendous support in this journey. When we tune into the Shabad Guru, it builds a frequency that assists our soul to address all of the lessons we have to face in every moment. Building our Subtle Body connection helps us to grow closer to our soul and the fulfillment of our destiny.

The Power of Shabad

Shabads (sacred hymns from the Sikh scriptures) come to mind to support us in addressing the issues of the day. Often, I’ll hear a shabad for myself or for someone else that directly deals with an issue we might be facing. The shabad will come through involuntarily and I’ll start to hear it playing in my mind. That is when I know that a frequency of the Shabad Guru is present to assist me or to support another. For me, this is a clear indication that my Subtle Body is listening to the Shabad Guru.

For example, Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan explained that when the shabad Jai Te Gang comes to mind, it is an indication that the negativity around us needs to be cut down like a lawnmower cutting through karma. As we start to master shabads, they live within our Subtle Body to inform us whenever there is a need or to support us through a situation.

The Soul’s Journey

Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan explained how the Shabad Guru serves us at the end of our life. At that time, our Subtle Body and our Soul Body leave our physical body to begin the journey home. He explained that as the soul reviews all of the actions that happened during our lifetime, it is common that we judge ourselves and think, “Oh no! I did it again.” By this judgment we put ourselves back into a cycle to experience the lessons again.

However, if we have a shabad deeply embedded within our psyche, so much so that it comes to mind at that time, it lifts us outside of the self-judgment to allow our soul to move beyond the old cycle. This can be any word from the Shabad Guru, as the sound current of the Naad (which is the sound current of Gurbani) is the only vibration which can penetrate through the death orbit.

This capacity of the Shabad Guru is the ultimate gift the Gurus gave us. As we connect deeply with the shabad, our Subtle Body begins to vibrate with the sound current of Naad. We deepen in our connection with the Shabad Guru, and the Guru comes and lives within us, carrying us and lifting us on our soul’s path to deepen into our divine essence and connection. As the Siri Singh Sahib taught:

“Vibrating the Cosmos, the Cosmos Clears the Path.”

This article is courtesy of the Winter 2016 SDI Ministry Newsletter


SS GuruKirin Kaur Khalsa is a Sikh Dharma Minister and Shabad Guru teacher. Having been born into the Sikh Dharma community, she  started practicing Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma from an early age and went to school in India for 10 years. This is where her deep love of the Shabad Guru developed. After her schooling, GuruKirin Kaur worked under the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan), serving the Dharma through our legacy non-profits.

Her deep love for Sikh Dharma, the Guru’s mission, and Gurbani inspires her to teach others about the Shabad and build their connection to the Guru. She also loves to talk about prosperity, connecting Gurbani to the infinite resource of God’s creation.  Visit to find out more about her course offerings.

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