The feeling yogis get when they step into a cold shower!

Written by Karta Purkh Singh, of Kansas City, MO

The feeling yogis get when they step into a cold shower!

Meaning: The shock one feels upon first plunging into cold water.

Origin: Scots, 1800s
As in: Those outdoor swimmers must have balls of steel to cope with that kind of curglaff.

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I remember the feeling of stepping into the water up at Hemkunt Sahib after a seeming daylong walk up a rocky path. The shallow pool was under a very thin sheet of ice that October day over 30 years ago. Both Sat Inder K and I were under the influence of amoebic dysentery. It felt to me as though God and Guru were embracing me and letting me know everything was going to be OK. It’s close to the feeling I get every morning in the amrit vehla as I step past my sleepy unwillingness to the refreshing Wahe Guru! of awareness that it is a brand new day!


How do you feel before your cold shower? Share your success and struggle.

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