The Five K’s – Kirpan

The following excerpt adapted from Living Reality by Bhai Sahiba Dr. Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, Page 74-75.
Guru Gobind Singh made it binding for Sikhs who have taken Amrit to wear a Kirpan. It is a symbol, and symbolically you must wear a kirpan. The sword is the symbol for all arms, and it is the symbol of our reverence for the sacredness of all weapons. Guru Gobind Singh was the most wise human being. He knew the psychology and the instinct of the human. If you are made to worship arms, then you also know how to respect arms. You will never misuse them. When you worship the sword, then you will be subconsciously the last person to use the sword. You will be the most restrictive. You cannot madly play with something that is sacred. Have you ever seen any man in his madness throw his altar out of the window? Never. When a person can do that, he is not human.

Guru Gobind Singh made a promise to those who kept their form like his. When we wear kirpan and hold it sacred, he said we would always be protected, with 125,000 soldiers at our side, and that we can never be harmed by that which we hold as sacred.

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