The Glory of Hair


THE GLORY OF HAIR (Kesh Mehimaa)

Poem written by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan and shared in the book Furmaan Khalsa

God has blessed men and women with Long Hair.
It is the Crowning Glory of our Divine Form.

Through the hair, the light of the sun and the moon energize us.
The Tenth Gate is the Single door to Divine consciousness

Experiencing Inner Union with God and Guru,
Realizing your Destiny,
Take a piece of cotton cloth seven yards long,
And tie a turban on your head.

The moon center turns,
Energy flows from the solar centers
Through the left, right and central channels,
And the Thousand Petaled Lotus Blooms!

In Union with God, the Yogi says:
By wearing a turban The Infinite rays of the sun and moon are merged within you.

Through this Divine Knowledge,
One reaches the Realm of Ultimate Truth!

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