July 2014 Numerology

Number 7 – Guru Har Rai – Aura 
The Dharma of 7 is that you can forgive.

The Karma of number 7 is all the ways you hold on to the past.

How do we hold to the past – pride, shame, anger, guilt, resentment, bitterness, souvenirs, searching for answers, analyzing, explaining, justifying, excusing, and so on….

Forgiveness is one of those easy words to say, yet something our mind really struggles with.
To reach Right Understanding you can ask yourself a particular set of questions, in this order:
Are you prepared to be understanding? Otherwise you will never understand.
Do you realize that the terrible events of the past are already past?
Do you want to be at peace? Or do you prefer agitation without any end in sight.
When will you stop being afraid? Understand that without gratitude for the wounds that have called you awake your fear will surely reproduce the past.
How long and how deeply do you want to suffer? Remember your suffer more by your own holding on the the past than by the actual events.

Most arguments and the resulting animosity comes from misunderstanding. Cleanse yourself of misunderstanding. This is called healing the past.

One result of forgiveness is that you will be less possessive and less territorial.  You see the big picture; your perception is vast. You will recognize your self in the soul of others and permit that there is room for all beings – in your psyche and in the world.
July: Your still busy, living in the fast lane, seeking your success. Business has been full on and some friends and family forgotten. You may not realize it but you are probably running on empty. It is time to plan and take your break.  Holiday is time to bring back the leisure and the fun.
By the time of July you have just past the middle of the year. From now on there is more of the year behind you than in front of you. This is the month to look back and assess your position so far. What you set out to achieve this year, what remains to be done, and to redraw the plans for the rest of the year. Remembering that what is done is done and that there is no value in regret, remorse or revenge. Only learn and implement your lessons.

Analytical self-evaluation needs to be done without any given set of prejudices or suspicion. Then an accurate, honest, measure of self will result in a projection which matches your capacity. This means that your aura expresses and effectively supports your vision.

Guru HarRai became the embodiment of forgiveness. He had every reason to seek compensation through revenge. Yet he, not only chose to forgive, but even, extended blessings towards the aggressor. He provided the medicine to cure the son of the oppressive tyrant. To have the consciousness of Guru HarRai is to not see the block but to see the way through the block.

The mantra that Guru Naanak gave for this phase of development, and which helps to have the vision of the way, is Nirvair. It means no enemy and, more fully, no complication from the past. Progress into the state beyond time and space can only happen when we are free of fear of the future and finished holding to the past.

Two Practices for July, in addition to above mentioned questions and reflections.

1. Assume nothing, prejudge nothing, and ask questions designed to better your understanding of others around you. Questions that will help you to better appreciate and respect the other.

2. Have 1 day each week that really is your day. A day to forgive, be kind, to your self, so you can do the same for the world. A day of no questions, no answers. A day to be the witness to the world, as it just is.

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