August 2014 Numerology



August: Number 8 – Guru HarKrishan – Pranic Body

Burn out or time out – Be a medicinal drop in the ocean of life.
The Dharma of number 8 is purity, compassion, power to empower, being a channel for healing, connection through depth of being.
The Karma of number 8 is obsessions with cleanliness, abuse of authority, getting out of your depth, or avoiding your true strength.

The Pranic Body is the link between our finite existence and the Infinity.
It is the flow of the prana (life-force) through a web of channels known as nadis.
When we are so busy with the content and details of our life then we forget to give awareness to the flow and the process.
A river needs to keep moving. In the same way there is an instinctive need in us to keep the flow going.
Now what does it mean to go with the flow. It means to go with your own flow.
To be in the flow of your own vital life-force (not to naively go along with the flow of others.
Normally processes go on under the surface. But there are times when the depth needs to come to the surface.
The twist of the 8 suggests the tendency towards one polarity or another.
August is a holiday in many parts of the world, but is it healing.
Do you find your self surfing and sailing along, or swimming but going nowhere, or even sinking down into whirlpools of emotional black holes.
Seasonally it can be very wet (monsoon) or very dry (heatwaves). In both cases the issue is with the life-giving element of water. It is a month for knowing your vital and organic nature and adapting to maintain your water balance.
Energy takes many forms. Some of the most significant are Power, Money, Sex and Food. In each of these we can have ‘too much, too little or the wrong kind’ (Yogi Bhajan). These are in continuous flux and August is one of the months of the year when they need to be kept in good measure and quality. This requires conscious execution of the discerning intelligence known as budhhi mind.
Like using your well earned money wisely or wasting it on a holiday that creates more stress than it relieves.
Honouring and tapping into infinity is a great past time for this month.
Sipping the air, not only sipping cool drinks.
When life is too deep, learn how to float on the surface.
When life seems too dry then breath, meditate and dive deep into the ocean of prana.

The mantra of the 8th stage of the Earth’s cycle around the sun is Akaal Murt: the undying, timeless, representation.
when he heard the news of a plague that was taking many lives in Delhi. He immediately requested to go there and upon his arrival insisted that he drink the water from one of the cities wells, knowing that it was impure and contained the spreading virus. He inevitably became sick and passed away within a few days. To the surprise of all soon after Guru HarKrishan passed away then all the people in Delhi started to heal and the water was found to be drinkable again.
It is important to note that the healing he offered was not exclusive to his own family or disciples, but rather inclusive of all regardless of differences of religion, caste and so on.
With his mind clear and clean there was no doubt or hesitation. Just an immediate empathy and readiness to be the channel for change.
This story may also remind us of Bhai Ghanaiya Singh who was found on the battle field giving water to the suffering and dying enemy. He did not see the enemy rather he just saw the need and he fulfilled it.
It is a month to be the change you want to see in the world and remember others struggles and sorrows while you take time out of your busy life. To tune in around you and see the needs of others. To be a medicinal drop in the ocean of life.

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