The Rain of Prosperity

Rain of Prosperity

The Rain of Prosperity (or the Reign of Guru Ram Das!)

People say giving 1/10th is hard when you think you don’t have enough to give. However that is a personal thought from your personal mind. In god’s universe the mind and the soul are not yours, they belong to the Infinite Guru. God is both personal and impersonal. It’s the personal which gives and the impersonal which returns it to you. Siri Singh Sahib would say” Dasvandh goes where nothing else goes”.

I tithe monthly and automatically with a direct debit. Sometimes I even forget it is happening and think in rare moments of weakness nothing is really returning. However, a recent event moved me back to perfect strength and faith in the divine action of giving back.

I work from home and recently someone, an Architect came for treatment. The adjoining apartment to mine had experienced a problem with a hole in a roof and rain leaking into a room causing fairly serious water damage. My apartment adjoins, so my balcony had to be removed to repair the hole. The Architect noticed and said he thought I could extend a room. I applied to the local authority and to my great surprise, they approved it.

The new extension will add seven square meters to my rooms and add $100,000 value to the apartment.

Dasvandh works in absolutely unexpected ways which you cannot even imagine or dream of. Believe me, if you don’t it’s your problem.

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