When You Expect Nothing in Return

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On a cold winter day in 2012, our clients from Japan arrived in New York.

When we were about to start a meeting, one of them expressed having pain in his chest. He had a travel insurance he paid for $90. We checked the list of the clinics we could go under the insurance coverage.

When we went to a clinic in Manhattan, the doctor checked his condition and called the ambulance right away to the nearby hospital. It was the beginning of two-week long hospital stay with continuous testing and treatment for him.

Being hospitalized in a foreign country can be challenging for anyone. We tried to help him go through pain, loneliness and fear by interpreting, cooking Japanese foods and bringing flower arrangement our daughter created.

Of course, we did it without the expectation of return.

When our client got better and was ready to go back to Japan, the insurance company arranged a medical doctor accompanying him on a business-class flight and even to his house in Tokyo. Everything worked out beautifully for our client.

A month later, we received a $7,000 check from the insurance company. Our client was kind enough to call the insurance company if I could get paid for interpreting at the hospital.

It happened when it was about a year into tithing. It was exactly the amount we needed to pay some expenses at that time.

I was just awed with the blessing.

~ by Ditta Kaur

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