The Sensory Human

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Lecture from Siri Singh Sahib Ji on February 4, 2001

Everywhere we go people talk about the change of the millennium. Now our sun flares have gone 6 to 60 times more, and our magnetic field on the Earth is vibrating at a higher frequency than otherwise. Because of these sun flares, time rotation in the magnetic field system on which we and our lives are based is changing. Right now we are passing through a contrast of life. It is amazing how the effects of the astrological aspects change with the rotation of the Earth in proportion to its power with the other planets.
This technological change is causing every human to operate from his sensory system, unknowingly. That is the tragedy of it. So what we need now is to have a meditative mind so we can enter into the sensory human system without conflict with the planetary power.

In another 11 years we will find people getting empty, more perturbed, not able to bear enough, not having much tolerance, and very argumentative. It is not the fault of people. It is the result of the power with which the psyche flows on the planet. People will have to pick up the tabs, and to match up they will have to be calm, quiet, and peaceful.
It will be very difficult to convince everybody because many lives depend on compensatory elements. Our compensatory elements are drinking at night, eating urea (that is eating meat), and a high frequency diet. We are not that calm, quiet, and peaceful in our construction. This, plus all the psychic bombardment that is coming, will create a conflict.
Up to this time every religion has made predictions, but man has felt secure that everything is under control. Then why is this happening? That is the question many people have asked. This is happening because of the change from the information age. First we were in the computer age, then the information age, and now we are entering into the sensory age.

This is the age where man has to have full satisfaction and fulfillment of his ideology, identity, and personality. And that is what the beauty of the human is going to be. The beauty is not going to be considered in terms of who is wearing a bikini and walking naked on the streets. Beauty is going to be considered in terms of who can contain oneself with that personality and radiance that attracts others.
A few years ago we said “Hail Guru Ram Das and heal the world.” It looked like a joke at that time. Heal with what? Now the Age has come when your own psyche can be in flow and beam on the other personality, and in the cross-exchange you can heal a person just by walking by his side. For this we have to have a mental clarity, and we have to have a mental projection.
Your mind cannot be allowed now to swing like a pendulum, and you cannot be a by product of moods. Sometimes you are rude, sometimes you are happy, sometimes you are real, and sometimes you are not real. This is not tolerable anymore. Now you often see a very beautiful person, in the modern framework of things, but can hardly talk with him or her for 15 minutes when you find you are shocked, “What am I talking with?”
So it is a time for prayer, for deep cleansing, for self-identity, and to be very honest with you, for self-control. What is honesty? When you can stand against dishonesty. What is reality? When you can stand against non-reality. What is loyalty? When you can stand against betrayal. So the pair of opposites is there. We have to choose the positive. And we have to make a choice. And that choice can only be made if our psyche is in diagonal energy, the energy that crosses through all levels, and is always there to lift us up in any situation in which we can fall.
It’s my prayer that your purity, your piety, your grace can carry you through, so we can enter the Aquarian Era with that sensory system of love, joy, and happiness. I wish you the best in the coming spring where you will be a totally different human being. It is not far away. The cycles in the heavens are changing, Earth is correspondingly changing, and everything you see around you will not be recognizable. This is the year; this is the time. It is now and today.

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