The Soul is Always Noble

“Noble habits, noble language, noble behavior, noble posture, and a noble way of communication are so powerfully impressive that even an enemy’s heart can be melted.”

Nobility is a living virtue. It is such a virtue we can conquer the world. Nobility is our own self determination not to be corrupt, not to succumb to self destructive behavior, and not to ever barter our soul’s character values. Nobility is a self declaration.

Guru Amar Das gave us a perfect example of living in the spirit of nobility through the institution of Guruka Langar. Everyone is royal, everyone is beautifully served in humility and utterly graceful environments. Everyone knows they are noble in the court of the Guru. The beautiful daughter of Guru Amar Das, Bibi Bhani Kaur, the wife of Guru Ram Das and mother of Guru Arjan Dev, gave us an example of living in divine nobility and spiritual grace throughout her life, even injuring her own arm to protect her father while he was meditating.
We have the four perfect gifts from our Guru: Bani, Bana, Simran, and Seva, that provide four indomitable pillars, by which we align ourselves with the pure noble spirit of our own soul, ever victorious over the ultimate bully—our own mind. We are hearing often in the news of increasing solar flares, as the Siri Singh Sahib predicted we would experience during this transition period. As yogis, we know this solar activity plays havoc upon our emotions and mental clarity. People are especially vulnerable to anger during this time, which may often become suppressed anger, leading to apathy and depression. It is not wrong to feel emotional or angry—emotion is energy in motion—only we do not want emotions to rule our behavior.

To strengthen our alignment to the soul’s noble spirit, sit on your heels and listen to Jaap Sahib. When ” Namastang” begins, the forehead touches the floor and then come up again onto the heels. Continue for 11 minutes, or for the entire Jaap Sahib.

As the Siri Singh Sahib taught us, “The soul is always noble. When the mind relates to the soul, the mind becomes noble. When the body relates to such a mind, the body becomes noble. Nobility is the outcome of divinity in equilibrium.” Sat Nam.

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