Khalsa is the Path of Majesty

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Royalty is a most beautiful quality that we as Sikhs of the Guru have the privilege to claim as our birthright: to be sons or daughters of the Royal House of the Khalsa. It took generations of challenge to the human spirit to formulate the concept of royalty that honors the spirit and dignity within each soul. Individuals who stood in their courage with radiance against the oppression of the times were royal in their behavior as they served to inspire and uplift the spirit of others to live in their divinity. Royalty has a frequency of excellence in its expression as service. This kind of royalty, which was available to all walks of life, inspired a new standard for the dignity of mankind and invoked a victory for the benefit of all.

We inherited the shabd “Raaj Jog Takhat Deean Guru Ram Das” which shares with us that the Royalty of Guru Ram Das was bestowed upon him. It honors his service to liberate the souls of humanity with his illumination, his divine radiance. The shabd honors the royalty of the wisdom of the teachings as they were passed from Guru Angad to Guru Amar Das who bestowed it upon Guru Ram Das.   By the time of Guru Gobind Singh the royalty of the house of the Guru was given to the Khalsa. The shabd “Raaj Karayga Khalsa” then spoke to the royal form of identity and character that lives within the spirit of Khalsa. Royalty is the domain of the divine where the dignity of humanity operates in the radiance of their oneness with God to serve the God in all. When the radiance of the Khalsa grows and vibrates its purity, the cosmos clears the path, and what emerges is the grace to live in our sovereignty of self-determined governance with the freedom of spirit to dwell in our Divinity to fulfill our Destiny.

Khalsa is the path of majesty. It is a royal path which requires each person to self-initiate the sovereignty of their spirit to live with liberty and dignity within oneself, and from there, to serve humanity consciously. The moment we realize our royalty, our radiant presence will begin to work for us and our service will be infinite.


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