The Unique Gift of Life

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Excerpted from a lecture given on September 15, 1985 by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Actually what is mama papa? Earth is Mother Earth, papa is the God papa. He forgets them, drops them totally, he has nothing to do with it. All he says is mirth is his mother, the earthly mother . . .  mother is your Earth, God is your father, we are the servants. Then you will understand, Pavan Guru panee pitha, mata dharat mahat. Divas raat dooe daaee daayaa kaylai sagal jugat . . . 

Nobody has explained these two lines. Pavan Guru – pavan means vahan of the prana. Pavan doesn’t mean air. Air, air is the vahan of the prana. Air has the power of the pranic energy. It is not the oxygen. If a man dies and you give him oxygen he is not going to live.

“Pavan Guru,” pavan prana, vahan of the prana is Guru. Why? Because it is the pavan which creates the world. Because we are the Sikhs of the Shabad Guru, that is why pavan Guru.

Panee pitha, father is the water, and what is water? Sixty percent of us. Forty percent of the earth. Sixty percent father the water. Mata darat mahat, that forty percent is the mother, sixty percent is the father, pavan Guru.

That mother and father creates the pavan Guru, and you see the earth and the ocean and the entire movement of this planet is controlled by the movement of the low pressure and the high pressure of the air? All formations and everything is just air.

If you really want to look at the reality of it, divas raat dooe daaee daayaa, day and night there are two. Daaee daayaa, Mata ji and Pita ji. Tu mera mata, tu mera pita. Tu mera pita, tu mera mata. Call it any way you want. Or day and night.

“Divas raat dooe daaee daayaa kaylai sagal jugat.” The entire universe plays that game. If the mother tells the child and the father tells the child, “your real mother is earth and your real father is God and you can only recognize the the Pavan Guru with the shabad, with the Guru” the problem will be solved.

No, mom says “I am your mother, understand?” Mom says, “Mata Ji says don’t do it” and they do it. And [dad] says, “I am your Pita ji, don’t you hear me? Stop.”

Oh my God, these people who are the servants of God given to that child have become monsters instead of masters of service . . . they have become monsters of ego. And the poor child has lost tranquility. When he becomes an adult he has no chance of tranquility either. Because he is told you are not a good man . . .

This earth needs the respect and the reverence and the sacredness to be treated as Mother Earth, not a place to be exploited, misused, abused.

That heavenly father has to come back into the heart, and this will only come when the spread of the word of the Guru will happen . . .

Let us ask forgiveness. Let us excel. Let us relate to the word of the Guru, let us understand the Guru. Let us create the vibration. Let us serve the Mother Earth. Let us bring the heavenly father on the earth and let us bring peace, tranquility and beauty in which man is supposed to live. Let us create a Garden of Eden now, and let us not listen to the snake, the warmongers.

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