Tips for Creating a Cozy Home

“Listening to Gurbani Kirtan and making Yogi Tea are cozy things we do at home.” – Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa (Española, New Mexico, U.S.A.) 

“Our family of four has been blessed to all be living under the same roof before and during COVID. We live in a cozy quiet cul-de-sac in Herndon, one of the suburbs of Northern Virginia, about 10 minutes from the Dulles International Airport.

I enjoy having and caring for houseplants. Our indoor lifestyle is greatly enhanced by the beauty and oxygen that plants offer. Since COVID the plant population in our home has increased. We have over 48 different plants that range from flowering orchids, African violets, peace lily, philodendrons, spider plants, jade plants, pothos, aloe, and many others. I was surprised how many I have accumulated. These plants are in every room where we spend time and sleep. Care for these plants brings me joy and a sense of calmness.  

We have very different schedules and are only able to sit all together for meals a couple of times a week. As the main cook in the house, I make a la carte dishes, and meals which can be combined as desired by each of us. As a mother, it makes me happy knowing that I am providing my family with healthy meal options. It is very cozy when we are able to sit together and enjoy food, conversation, and shared camaraderie.

All of us have our own spiritual practices. There is continuous Kirtan, Banis, or mantras playing in our living room. Having the Guru’s Bani and a sacred sound current in the house gives a calming sense of peacefulness. In the evening we enjoy tuning into live Rehras on Facebook lead by Bibi Amarjit Kaur. This is a wonderful way to end the day.

Participating in Seva has always been a big part of our family’s experience. During COVID we have been able to continue to serve the Sadh Sangat and the greater community by checking temperatures at our Gurdwara, preparing meals for the needy, cleaning and preparing the Gurdwara for the different divans, donating blood to Red Cross, etc. Sometimes we have been able to participate together as a whole family, a couple of us at a time, or individually. Being able to selflessly serve in this way helps each of us to maintain the feeling of connectedness and give to others in need.

With loving blessing to all!” 

– Amrit Kaur Khalsa, Siri Daya Singh Khalsa, Hari Akal Singh Khalsa, and Gururaj Singh Khalsa (Herndon, Virginia, U.S.A.) 


“Here are some things that help our family create a cozy home:

  • Low lighting at night. 
  • Lighting incense. 
  • Keeping an altar or place that I can put anything special or sacred, like Guru photos or pretty stones, Kirpans, Malas etc. I also make sure to not put anything else on that space and make sure to keep it a sacred space.
  • Low Kirtan on at night to set the vibe for sleep. 
  • Watch inspiring videos (consciously, instead of just fun movies on Netflix). 
  • Let my son have some independent ability to listen to SikhNet stories and watch them even though he has limited screen time on iPad. 
  • Cook really simple meals whenever possible (recently started using and instant pot for Daal and curry).
  • Listen to live Kirtan broadcasts whenever I have a moment or need some inspiration. These are right now available all over the world. SikhInside has tons, SikhNet has the radio with many stations at almost any time of day, or just a favorite on YouTube that I listen to again and again.
  • Take a bath. 
  • This one might be obvious, but take a nap!” 

-Guru Jaswant Kaur Khalsa (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Image by JayMantri from Pixabay.

My tip is to put up a string of lights. My husband put up a string of cafe lights on our patio and it made it a fun and cozy space. ”  – Sat Avtar Kaur Khalsa (California, U.S.A.) 

“In the Spring we are doing all kinds of preparations for the greenhouse – so planting seeds and then replanting outside. I cannot find a better thing to do with children at home than gardening. They get to learn about the cycle of life, from seed to flower or fruit, the patience needed and the care and nurture that plants need to grow. And of course the joy of picking up your own fruits and veggies that you planted yourself. Even if it is in a small balcony, or inside your flat, I cannot recommend more that you plant your own food at home. Its good for your body, mind, soul and the planet! And now and then, as a rest between gardening work, we make a Yogi Tea pause to talk about life.” – Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa (Raasiku, Estonia) 


Do you have an tips to share for creating a cozy home? We want to share them!

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