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Excerpts from the lecture “In God We Trust” on October 6, 1989 by Siri Singh Sahib Ji

We do not trust God. Trust is not a human faculty, because when you trust something, you are fulfilled; you are there; your understanding becomes deep and it is a state of ecstasy, where there is no shakiness. Trust is very difficult.

If a human has full control of his mind, through the clarity and the crystallization of mind, one can see one’s own soul and one can become part of God. That’s the only way that you can see everything that God is about. The mind is a virtue; it is faster than time and space. It’s given to us to realize beyond the beyond; the essence of life; the creativity of life; life itself. The beauty, the bounty, the bliss of the mind is found in the awareness of the soul.

Soul. People say it’s dormant; I don’t believe that they even understand what the soul is—Pavan Guru (the carrier of the Prana, the breath of life), the sound, the Word, the Guru; it is in us. Who gets up in the morning and feels, “God, I am in trust with you?”

You say, “Thank you God,” “Bless me God,” and, “I pray to you, Lord God, help me,” but who has the guts to get up in the morning and say, “I am yours, God; You are mine, and let us have the day together?” You have to get up in consciousness, make God a part of you and be a part of God. Identity must merge in Infinity. That’s reality. It’s very simple. In life, the body will die but we must experience deathlessness, and we are very emotional.

Some people tell me, “I am very poor.” It is a reflection. Poverty is a reflection of lack of self-esteem, self-belittlement.  There is no such thing as poverty; there is no such thing as richness; there is no such thing as beauty; there is no such thing as ugliness. These are all expressions—expressions that we communicate all the time. We communicate to integrate ourselves with each other, but we have to understand that the basic nucleus of integration is the soul; the part of God within our own selves. This is the reflection of God and we have to feel united in that.  The totality of God which we know, the oneness of God which we understand, the greatness of God which we experience—we have to become part of.

That is what Akal means—deathlessness.  Or death can come; thousands can cry for you, but that’s the moment. What have you left for these psyches, these human beings who are still here? You left some wealth for your children;  you left something for a relative; you did some charity for people who were true for your part.  But did you leave something for all mankind?  If you become part of that Infinity, that’s it. If you believe that you are a part of that Infinity, you trust that you are a part of that Infinity, you shall become that Infinity and every finite being becomes comfortable at the sight of you, the feeling of you.

It is very essential that we must elevate ourselves within ourselves, and elevate everything which we feel, touch, know, and understand. This planet Earth is an amazing experiment, and it is totally amazing to understand that we have never understood the forces of “unison-ness.”  We are born in His grace, we live by His light and we redeem ourselves into the diligence of God Himself. God sees through our eyes, God hears through our ears, God speaks through our mouths and within seventy-two hours, God renews us cell by cell. That’s how intimate, how serviceful, how affectionate and nurturing God is. The heavens are very bright—you should have those eyes to see how bright the heavens are and that the Earth shines in its reflection.

There is a more expansive experience of ecstasy. That’s the radiant body; that is God. You walk with the infinite God…you live in that; you are protected by that; but you don’t believe it; you don’t even understand it; you don’t participate with it.

Man is poor because man has fear. Man is a miracle by itself. His life, his death, his breath of life, and his every moment is, in itself, a huge miracle. It’s a fountain, a fragrance of life; and it has beauty; it has bounty; it has bliss in it.
Because if you believe in Infinity and you believe in the reality of that Infinity, and you, as a little finite part, become part of that Infinity, you will find ecstasy. You will find deathlessness in it. And in that bliss, you can sit on that throne of the Infinite.

We run around for earthly positions and earthly environments. Have you ever understood that if you just run to God, who has created the Earth, everything on the Earth will be yours? Can you do it by love? No. Can you do it by belief? No. You have to trust it. You have to trust you are God, that God is you; in God you dwell and in God you trust.

These are the teachings which Guru Nanak brought to us. These are the affirmations which we have to do to purify ourselves. This is the time and this is the space in which we have to rise from our own bickering, from our own belittlement, from our own “blah-ness,” and realize that we are beautiful, we are bountiful, we are blissful, and thank Him.

Published in Aquarian Times, Nov/Dec 2006

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  1. Thanks you so very much!!! Words of amazing power, feeling the vibration move in every particle within my being and environment. May all the blessing you have given come back to you ten fold.

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